Vince McMahon And Kevin Dunn Reportedly Did Not Like Dio Maddin On Commentary

We haven’t seen Dio Maddin as part of the RAW Commentary Team since he was attacked by Brock Lesnar and found himself on the receiving end of an F5.

Maddin has since been replaced by Samoa Joe on commentary, and it was also reported that he has been sent back to the Performance Center. Maddin was discussed on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Live, and it was said that both Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn apparently had problems with him on commentary.

Bryan Alvarez explained that they did not like his work, and that him recently being sent back to the WWE Performance Center might be so that Maddin can be re-trained.

“I don’t know if Dio Maddin himself is gonna get mad but I’m sure we’ll hear that this is not accurate but this is what happened. Vince and Kevin Dunn didn’t like Dio Maddin on commentary and they took him off commentary and I think they were gonna try to re-train him or whatever to do commentary but now I guess he’s decided he wants to be a wrestler again.”

“I’m sure the official story is going to be that he just decided while doing commentary that he wanted to be a wrestler.”

We will have to wait and see what happens with Dio Maddin now that he has been sent back to the WWE PC. He has expressed interest in rejoining the main roster, but as a performer or back on commentary remains to be seen.

(Thanks to Wrestling News for the quote.)