Here’s What You Need to Know to Start Betting on WWE Events

Here’s What You Need to Know to Start Betting on WWE Events

Did you know betting on WWE is a real thing? 

If you’re like us, you may be surprised to learn that some sportsbooks are taking wagers on pro wrestling matches and tournaments. In addition to cheering on your favorite Superstars, you can get a stake in their performance.

WWE betting is a newer development at participating sportsbooks in the US. It’s gaining steam as betting markets open in an increasing number of states. This makes right now the perfect time to try your hand at WWE betting before it becomes mainstream.

Here’s what you need to know to get started.

What WWE Bets are Available?

The world of WWE betting is divided between straight bets and prop bets. 

Straight bets are wagers placed on a wrestler to win one match, a tournament, or the entire season championship. You simply place a wager on the wrestler you want to win and enjoy the show with straight betting. 

A prop bet is placed on the occurrence of something happening or not happening. That occurrence does not affect the outcome of the match. Prop bets include wagers on whether a certain celebrity or former wrestler will appear during a match and the amount of time a match will last. 

Aren’t WWE Outcomes ‘Fake’?

Although WWE outcomes are scripted before the Superstars enter the ring, every match-winner and narrative twist is a closely guarded secret. Only a few WWE employees actually know outcomes in advance. 

The ones who do must follow strict contractual obligations that prohibit the leaking of any information. Anyone who spills the beans about an upcoming match or storyline will quickly find themselves out of a job. 

Make the Most of Your Bets

The further you can stretch your WWE betting dollar, the better. This is true when wagering on any sport. 

A good way to extend your bankroll on bets is by wagering with a bookmaker that offers free bet bonuses when you sign-up. If you aren’t sure where to look, Oddschecker publishes free bet bonus offers from several sportsbooks operating in the US.

Why Bet on WWE?

There are a lot of value bets to bet found when wagering on WWE. Pro wrestling is a small market at sportsbooks compared to football, basketball, and baseball. 

The odds set on WWE bets aren’t backed by the same years of research and expertise. Punters can take advantage of this by picking the winning outcome on lopsided bets. Sportsbooks expect this and limit their risk by capping bets and payouts. Still, the payouts are can be quite rewarding for most recreational punters.