Big E. or Keith Lee as a top guy.

There has been some talk lately of Big E. from The New Day and how some people are saying that he should be pushed as a singles wrestler and given a run with the WWE title like his partner Kofi Kingston was. I don’t think that is a bad idea actually as he has a lot of the same talents that come with someone at the top of the card in the WWE. He’s really big, he is entertaining, and he is good on the mic. Those are some of the things the WWE looks for in their champions.

           Another face that has popped up at Survivor Series was “Limitless” Keith Lee. He is also really big but can move around like someone half his size and do things that most people do not expect. He climbs the ropes and takes flight like no one else. He has taken a big role in NXT and as the brand now in on the USA Network every week, he now has a lot of eyes focused on him as he tackles his way through the NXT roster.

           But who should the WWE push as a top tier guy? Big E is entertaining and makes people laugh when he says goofy stuff on the mic with Keith Lee isn’t about being funny but puts on an incredible show in the ring. It’s almost like Big E is more like a WWE guy while Lee is more of an NXT guy.

           But then again, why choose? Both guys are ready to go and push as singles stars. Keith Lee would have to spend a little more time in NXT first but still, there is a lot of potential there for both guys. With the confidence that Lee shows in his interviews, I could see him being turned into a bad guy without much effort either. Big E as a bad guy at this point doesn’t really work unless there is some expert writing going on and the WWE usually isn’t that good with things like that.

           As we saw when Kofi Kingston became the WWE Champion the race of either guy would be spotlighted. It’s not really a part of either guy’s character but this is the WWE and the audience they are marketing to it presumed to be white. The constant reminders either guy is black, even though we can clearly see that, is presumed to be an issue if either guy is given the major push. It doesn’t matter to me any but I know it would be made an issue by the WWE.

           Another issue would be the opponents for either guy and usually, they would face the same people we usually see. Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, guys like that. If Big E got pushed as a big star someone would probably try to put him up against Kofi Kingston and turning either of those guys heels for a match would seem kinda blah and forced so I’m not so sure they could make that work. If Keith Lee were given the push they could put him against new guys from NXT but the WWE would probably have to promote those guys too. Guys like The Undisputed Era, Dominik Dijackovic, Tomasso Chiampa, or even Finn Balor. If Lee was a bad guy then he could be paired up against Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, or Braun Stroman. The usual suspects on that side of the roster from either RAW and Smackdown. The actual roster and show they appear on wouldn’t really matter. Lee would appear on one show until the sparkle had worn off them and then traded right o the other show while still being marketed as something special even though the specialness had worn off by that point.

           So either guy has the ability and the promise to be a big singles star and maybe even a world champion but they won’t exactly be treading on new ground or probably doing anything new. The WWE doesn’t really do that much when they make a big star like that. It will be a new face but they will be doing the same stuff we have seen in the past. Chances are whatever they have for either guy worked in an era before, but they will try to unload a cheaper version and then blame either Big E. or Keith Leee when they are not able to get the idea over again.