King’s Reaction For AEW Dynamite 11/27/19

King’s Reaction For AEW Dynamite 11/27/19

We have a stacked card this evening as Le Champion Chris Jericho defends his AEW World Championship against SCU’s Scorpio Sky, PAC vs. Kenny Omega.

Thanksgiving Championship Celebration For Le Champion

Let’s start the night off right with a Thanksgiving Championship from Le Champion himself. We have a huge announcement Nocking Point has joined up with AEW to create the official “A Little Bit of the Bubbly” wine. Jericho berated the Chicago crowd before bringing down his Inner Circle. 

All of the members give Y2J special gifts. But Le Champion is excited about the biggest present which is revealed to be Jericho’s dad who trash-talks the crowd. Jericho ordered AEW ring announcer Justin Roberts to read the congratulatory letter from the big wigs in TNT, and AEW. The segment concluded with SCU cosplayed as the marching band coming to the aid of Roberts. 


Chuck Taylor and Trent are blindsided by Pentagon Jr. and Fenix on the entrance ramp. Orange Cassidy who was dressed as a turkey wiped out Lucha Bros. After a quick fury from Best Friends, the heels took control of the match. 

Trent hit a well-placed cannonball in the corner from Trent. The Best Friends secured the victory after Trent countered a maneuver into the Crunchier. 


AEW’s women’s division is lacking right now but every week there seems to be a new name added. This week was Kris Stadtlander who is a fiery babyface she teamed up with Shida who is always fascinating to watch. 

Especially her unique utilization of a steel chair and a running knee. The heels picked up the cheap victory but distracting the official to use the mic stand against Statlander’s back and a crucifix pin. 

The American Nightmare Cody made his return back and won a squash match against Matt Knicks. After the match, Cody called out MJF and instead received Blade and The Butcher who made their AEW debut. 

You know it’s bad when Tony Schiavone is having to convince Jim Ross a legendary ring announcer who these guys are. Anyways, Allie is aligned with them as The Bunny but the crowd didn’t care at all.


In Omega’s first match since his lights out match at Full Gear, he starts the rebuilding by seeking retribution against “The Bastard” who tapped him out in Chicago at All-out. Both competitors delivered another five-star classic with the allotted time they were given. 

Omega’s snap Dragon Suplexes are lethal. I can’t think of another wrestler who delivers it better. PAC attempted a Black Arrow but no avail. The Cleaner went for a One-Winged Angel but The Bastard countered. Omega scored the victory on his second attempt at a crucifix pin. 


The two finalists from the Dynamite Dozen Battle Royal battled it out for the gorgeous $45,000 diamond ring. Page had the match won at several points but Wardlow interfered on MJF’s behalf. Maxwell is such an amazing antagonizing heel, in my opinion, he’s the best in the business right now. 

In a deliberate message to Cody, he hit a Cross Rhodes on Page to score the victory. After the match, DDP came out to present the obnoxious MJF his diamond ring. In another despicable act, Maxwell spat his gum in the Hall of Famer’s hand and a pull-apart brawl ensued between Wardlow and DDP. 

Dustin Rhodes made his return to deliver an in-ring promo to Jake Hager who injured his arm. Before he could continue, Sammy Guevara, Santana, and Ortiz came down for the three-on-one beatdown. The Young Bucks made the save and all three delivered a trifecta of Shattered Dreams in the corner to The Inner Circle. 


The match started with the wily veteran overpowering Sky with some shoulder tackles. The action spilled outside where the challenger leveled Jericho with a stiff knee. 

Back in the ring, Sky hit a sunset flip cover for a two-count. The challenger missed a headscissors attempt and Le Champion hit his signature corner dropkick. 

We return from commercial to see both competitors reeling from the action. The Champion delivered knife edge chops in the corner. 

The SCU member mounted a comeback drilling the champion with a picture-perfect cutter from the ropes for a long near-fall. Jericho locked in The Liontamer and Sky made it to the ropes. 

Hager came out to interfere and so did SCU to even the score. With the official distracted, the wily Champion tried to use the Title as a weapon but it was countered into a TKO Cutter. 

Sky got some great near-falls afterward, but Le Champion caught his leg and locked in The Liontamer for the tap-out victory.

After the match, Jericho tried to punish his challenger but Jon Moxley’s music hit and the two long-time rivals shared a staredown as the show ended. 

Show Reaction: This was another great episode of Dynamite with some exciting matches and great storyline developments. Will PAC seek retribution for his loss against Omega? Who will The Lucha Bros attack next on their ascension to the AEW Tag Team Champions? 

Last but certainly not least, are Mox and Jericho on a collision course, and does the unstable one have his sights set on the AEW World Heavyweight Championship?