Fans Need to be Patient with AEW’s Women’s Division

The AEW product so far has been very enjoyable for most fans and critics, but one aspect people have criticized them is their booking of the women’s division.

AEW’s women’s division is over analyzed by people every week, and this people are not giving this talented roster a chance.

The NXT Comparison

Because of the “Wednesday Night War” people compare aspects of both shows all the time. It’s true that NXT currently has the stronger women’s division between both shows. But people forget NXT had a 5 year head start to sign a lot of female wrestlers to WWE contracts.

AEW has less than a year of existence and so far they are introducing to the world all their female talent. It will take time to people to have a general idea of the roster and direction.

AEW is taking their time to establish things of their women’s division and improving on aspects every week with their women’s division.

Joshi Wrestling

People have criticized AEW’s used of joshi wrestlers over american wrestlers, but this is far from the truth. AEW’s use of american and joshi talent has been balanced.

Some critics like to claim Riho is not over with fans, but in reality, they are wrong. Riho has managed to connect with the AEW fandom despite the language and cultural barriers. Riho so far has done an awesome job as AEW champion and she keeps improving and evolving as a wrestler.


AEW has less of a year of existence and only have 2 hours of TV programming, but AEW has done a great job to feature their female talent on their internet shows like AEW Dark; BTE and Road to.

The women’s division of AEW also has a roster that is very young and with very few years of experience in the wrestling business. For example, Britt Baker only has 4 years of experience, but she has the potential to be a major star if given the time to gain experience and evolve as a wrestler.

Kenny Omega, EVP of AEW, mentioned recently that things will get better for the women’s division in 2020 with the addition of more talent and other ideas AEW has in mind of their women’s division.