Exclusive: Jerry Lawler’s Verdict On Fan Scam Lawsuit Is Reached

Over the last year we have been reporting on WWE commentator and Hall of Fame inductee Jerry Lawler and his former podcasts involvement with scamming fans.

One fan, Jason Lurie, had commissioned Lawler, through Lawler’s “Dinner With The King” podcast Twitter account, which was ran by Glenn Moore, for a 4×5 foot painting of his cat. Glenn and Jason originally started DM’ing about the piece in November of 2018 after Glenn and Jerry said they would start commissioning fan art on the Dinner With The King Podcast. Glenn had said that Jerry agreed to the painting and both Jerry and Glenn discussed Lawler doing the painting on the podcast. After many months, the painting never happened.

Jason had pre paid for the artwork through PayPal Friends and Family based on previous positive dealings with Glenn as it would save 3% on cost. This option makes it harder to get your money refunded through PayPal.

Jason was unable to get in touch with Jerry or Glenn, so he decided to file a lawsuit to recoup his losses. Glenn Moore went off the grid and could not be found or served. Moore has outstanding warrants and is still on the lamb as of this writing. Jerry ended up being served the lawsuit.

There was a conversation between Jerry and Jason, Jerry offered to meet Jason for lunch to figure out a compromise but Lawler canceled the lunch.

The final amount I was suing for was $1750. $1500’for painting and $250’ for cat sketch that was never delivered. Lawler testified he never knew about second sketch. When Lawler called me I specifically asked if he was given two sketches to do. Lawler confirmed to me he had a cat sketch and my niece sketch.

Jason Lurie

WMC5 aired two news stories covering the scam and what was going on, Jerry had promised to make it up to the victims of the scam, including a children’s cancer foundation Rae of Hope. As of this writing, not one victim had any compensation or conversation with Lawler. One fan recouped money by filing a complaint with PayPal, but the others were left with nothing.

Jerry offered to do Jason a painting. 10×18”. Jason declined. Lurie was already into this painting for $1500 and for over $1000 in legal fees. The agreement was for $3000 for a 4×5.

Glenn Moore was named as a co-defendant, but since he was unable to be served, only Jerry showed up to court.

The court hearing happened on November 26th, 2019. Below is the verdict reached by the judge after the hearing.

Bodyslam reached out to Jason for comment on the verdict.

Here’s the crux of the case… according to me, Glenn acted as an agent for the mystery boxes, the sketches and the oil. For the judge to rule that he wasn’t an agent but a facilitator is just horseshit. Legally he met every condition for being an agent. The fact that there is no state law concerning a facilitator – well that’s because they are called agents. Not facilitators.

Jason Lurie

Lawler also left a statement after the verdict was announced.

Lurie’s legal team was told that Lawler’s legal team advised Jerry to settle for the $1,500 that Jason had spent, but Lawler refused and wanted to see what the judges verdict was.

Since it was a general sessions, there is no transcript or audio of the hearing or official court record. Bodyslam has learned that Jerry testified twice. Lawler testified That he told Glenn the price would be $3000 for the 4×5 painting – and that was because he didn’t want to do the work. He said “I told Glenn the price for this cat painting was $3000. I thought I priced it high enough to scare off Mr. Lurie. It clearly did not.” He was then asked if he wanted to do the painting that was discussed on the podcast. Lawler replies “No. A painting of this size would take potentially months and would be much more expensive”.

So there in lies the problem. Lawler agreed to do painting. He told Glenn for $3000 he will do it. Glenn closed the deal. That wasn’t the outcome Jerry was hoping. Glenn acted as the agent for that deal in all sense of the definition.

Jason has stated that he has filed an appeal, and the legal process should take anywhere between 6 months and a year to complete. This means that the case will move from general sessions to circuit court.

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