AEW Dynamite Will be Apart of TNT’s BATMAN Week This Week

AEW has become involved with TNT’s programming once again, this time with their batman programming in honor of the Dark Knight. Newsarama reported that AEW will be apart of the batweek programming for the network.

AEW and their batman tie-in hasn’t been revealed yet but AEW did tie-in with Rick and Morty previously.

The schedule for TNT is the following:

November 25th
8:00 PM ET/PT – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
11:15 PM ET/PT – Batman (1989)

November 26th
8:00 PM ET/PT – Batman Begins
10:45 PM ET/PT – Batman Returns

November 27th
5:30 PM ET/PT – Batman Returns
8:00 PM ET/PT – AEW Dynamite
10:00 PM ET/PT – The Lego Batman Movie

November 28th
12:00 p.m.-8:00 PM ET/PT – Thanksgiving Movie Marathon
8:00 PM ET/PT – The Dark Knight
11:30 PM ET/PT – Batman & Robin

November 29th
12 p.m.-8:00 PM ET/PT – Day After Thanksgiving Day Movie Marathon
8:00 PM ET/PT – Wonder Woman
11:00 PM ET/PT – Batman Forever

November 30st
12:30 PM ET/PT – Batman & Robin
3:00 PM ET/PT – Batman Returns
5:30 PM ET/PT – Batman Forever
8:00 PM ET/PT – Batman (1989)
10:45 PM ET/PT – The Dark Knight

December 1st
10:00 a.m. ET/PT – Batman Begins
1:00 PM ET/PT –The Dark Knight
4:30 PM ET/PT – The Dark Knight Rises
8:00 PM ET/PT – Suicide Squad
10:30 PM ET/PT – Suicide Squad

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