Highlights Of CM Punk’s Appearance On WWE Backstage

Last night was CM Punk’s first official night back on WWE Television. Below are highlights of what he said on the show.

CM Punk said on WWE Backstage he came back because he works for Fox and gets paid to criticize WWE. He doesn’t have to worry about getting punished.

He hasn’t spoken to anybody from WWE management.

His initial reaction to the offer wasn’t a no.

He was nervous about coming back.

Renee Young is the only one from the show’s crew who knew about his return.

He has very few friends left from the wrestling business.

He was more interested in talking to his future wife than wrestling The Undertaker at Wrestlemania XXIX.

The WWE product is the same as he left it: micromanaged and fan favorites being pushed to the back.

He’s really enjoying the women’s division.

He isn’t interested in coming back to the ring right. He’s 41 and WWE has a lot of fixing to do in their relationship.

“Cult Of Personality” was his favorite song since he played little league baseball.

Seth Rollins needs to stop Tweeting because he looks like a fool.

Seth Rollins responded to the last one on Twitter shortly after.

Full interview here

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