WWE Botched The NXT Invasion Angle

A dream angle has always been the idea of a NXT invasion into the “main roster” of WWE. For years fans dreamed of the idea of this angle happening, and now that we have it, we can say for sure it has been very underwhelming.

Lack of Logic

This feud lacks a real foundation on why is NXT attacking the main roster to begin with. The NXT invasion of the main roster feels like a last minute idea from creative and just booking things as events go by.

The problem with this Survivor Series build, is that there’s no actual award for winning except for maybe bragging rights for one week and then forgetting all about it until next year.

Not protecting the NXT wrestlers

For the exceptions of the current NXT Champion Adam Cole and Ciampa, all NXT wrestlers that had matches on the main roster build of Survivor Series lost their respective matches. IMPERIUM lost to Rollins, Street Profits and Owens on RAW; The SD women beat The NXT women in a 4 Vs 4 match and Viking Raiders defeated Webster and Andrews in a glorified squash match.

The NXT wrestlers could’ve used some wins to establish that they are as strong as the “main roster” guys, but WWE creative failed to do that.

Another problem was that the brawls between NXT (using most of their top wrestlers) and the main roster (using mostly undercard wrestlers), made the NXT guys look weak. When you have Undisputed Era running away from Lucha House Party, it creates a terrible visual


Another big problem of this invasion angle is the fact NXT was also building a team type PPV with WarGames. The build for WarGames has felt a bit underwhelming in certain aspects, except for the women’s WarGames match that has a phenomenal build so far.

The idea of NXT being in two different types of team PPV has been a bit of a mess and one day people are feuding and the other they are working together, you could make an argument for brand loyalty , but it make the build for certain matches lose credibility.