NWA Pulls Recent Powerrr Episode From YouTube For Edits After Fans Complain About Jim Cornette’s Perceived Racist Comments

When NWA announced their new show Powerrr they also announced that one of their commentators would be the controversial Jim Cornette. The list of reasons why Cornette is deemed controversial is too long to list, but a quick Twitter search of his name would explain most of the reasons.

The most recent episode of NWA Powerrr drew the ire of some fans after Jim said that NWA wrestler Trevor Murdoch was “mad bad and dangerous time know, he’s the only man known that can strap a bucket of fried chicken on his back and ride a motor scooter across Ethiopia”

Shortly after the show premiered Twitter users were quick to debate whether the remark was racist or not. Being that there are stereotypes around fried chicken and African Americans, many fans found that statement offensive. Some tried to argue that the comment was due to the hunger problem in Ethiopia, which also can be seen as offensive.

Seeing as how this was a taped show, the comment could have been edited out but the powers that be at NWA chose to leave it in. That is until the uproar happened. Then the episode was pulled and editor and producer Dave Lagana sent out an apology tweet.

This is the second time that NWA has had to make a statement regarding Jim Cornette and what he has had to say on and off the show. A few weeks ago there was some complaints that Jim Cornette was promoting suicide due to the way a ring announcer in the UK was dressed and Cornette talked about how NWA spoke with him about the incident on his podcast.

As of this writing, the only action that was taken was the YouTube show being taken down for edits.

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