King: AOP Must Be First In Line For A Title Shot

On next week’s episode of Raw, The Viking Raiders will challenge Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler for the Raw Tag Team Championships. With this being the second night of the WWE draft there is a great chance that we will have brand-new champions by the end of the night. Erik and Ivar are going to need fresh challengers to step up to them and who better than the monstrous AOP? 

On the September 17th episode of Raw, Akam and Rezar made their return to WWE (at least to the screen), giving the WWE Universe a history lesson written in pain. 

Over the next several weeks, the two barbarians would continue reintroducing themselves while pummeling superstars. In my opinion, if WWE is attempting to build AOP back up as an unstoppable force then having them step up and challenge The Viking Raiders is the best approach. 

Akam and Rezar have had a run with the Raw Tag Team Championships but it was an utter and complete disaster. Believe it or not, AOP had an incredible run in NXT. Akam and Rezar bulldozed through the tag team division annihilating The Revival, DIY, and American Alpha.

It’s very likely that The O.C. continues their ongoing feud with Erik and Ivar and are next in line to challenge for the Raw Tag Team Championships. I have to say this though, The Viking Raiders and The O.C. have already faced each other a handful of times and I’m ready for something new and fresh. 

As of right now, The AOP has not been drafted to a specific brand but I feel like they should stay on Raw. If they do Akam and Rezar can battle The Uso’s, Roode and Ziggler (if they’re still a team), The O.C., and The Viking Raiders. Of course, my whole theory is contingent on Erik and Ivar winning the tag titles on the upcoming Raw. So, if it doesn’t happen then I’ll have another idea to run with.