Shayna Baszler Would Take NXT Women’s Locker Room Over Anyone Else

Shayna Baszler was recently interviewed by PWInsider and spoke on a variety of topics such as how proud she is of the NXT Women’s Division and how she’d take that locker room over anywhere else in the world.

The NXT Women’s Champion had the following to say about the NXT Women’s Division:

“I think NXT has always placed big emphasis on the Women’s Division and being a part of that legacy as the two-time champion is a huge honor. I think I would put the NXT Women’s locker room up against any other locker room in the world and we’re going to deliver. We’re going to outperform and we’re going to do everything. That being said, I’m the top of this division so the world gets to see it now and it’s exciting.”

Shayna also commented on the possibility of moving to the main roster:

“First of all, any roster I’m on is the main roster, but I think this is more of a lateral move now. I don’t think it should be called a call-up anymore. It’s definitely a lateral move and I think, with everything that’s happened, we don’t have to think like, “Wow, I want to go there in order to have my WrestleMania moment.” I think it’s conceivable now that, as the NXT Woman’s Champion, I can show up and win money in the bank. Or, as the NXT Woman’s Champion, I can go have a WrestleMania moment. That’s more realistic now than it ever has been. I think it’s less a thing about what my dreams were before. They’re actually even more achievable now. I’m just being the best and that’s the goal. Everything else kind of just takes care of itself.”

Shayna Baszler lastly spoke on what she learned while in MMA that helps her out in wrestling:

“I think that when I was in MMA, I wasn’t fighting for the purpose of pro wrestling. I was truly fighting behind that curtain to be the best fighter I could possibly be. Just like anybody that does that, I wanted to be the best. I think if I had done MMA for the purpose of pro wrestling that wouldn’t have felt the same. You know what I mean? Not that I wouldn’t have wanted to win, but I think my heart would have been in it differently. I think because I was in MMA to be… I was behind the curtain in order to step out and beat someone up and they thought they were better and I’m going to prove I’m better. I know exactly what that feels like. So, I know exactly what that feels like when I’m behind the curtain at a Takeover ready to come out, or behind the curtain on TV tonight. It feels exactly the same to me because it’s familiar. My body is behind a curtain going, “Oh, this again,” and it’s been the same thing I’ve done for 16 years. I guess I got lucky in that way that the path led here in the way that it did or I wouldn’t be who I am.”

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