Cody Rhodes and the War Games

Recently it had been reported the AEW head honcho and wrestler Cody Rhodes had ideas to claim the War Games cage match as his own, as it was created by Cody’s father, “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes back in 1987 when he was wrestling for Jim Crockett’s NWA territory, the one that eventually became WCW. He wants to own the match idea himself instead of WWE owning the copyright that they got when they bought WCW in 2001.

But can AEW handle that? Is this just another bit of anti-WWE hate that the AEW loves to throw out there?

Granted, Cody is right about it being the creation of his father. Dusty Rhodes did create the War Games idea. But Dusty wasn’t the one in control for many of those matches. He was head booker for many of the early matches, but was fired from that position and went to the WWF in 1989 and was there until early 1991. Even after that, he wasn’t with WCW until it came to an end in 2001.

Meanwhile, WCW held the match several times while Dusty was not in the company. While Cody talks about getting control of the copyright to the match and the names from WWE, many other companies have held War Games type matches, whether they called it that or not. They didn’t seem to afraid of legal action held against them for it.

So is Cody afraid to run the match without owning the copyright? Or is Cody saying something to give fans the idea that the WWE owns something legally that his father created to make them look more like bad guys in all this?

I will admit that AEW hasn’t come threw with a lot that they have promised. They spend more time talking about how their guys are all friends with Kenny or trained with the Jacksons at wrestling school. How that actually puts anyone over and not just paints the whole company as a bunch of Cody’s friends getting paychecks on their own is beyond me. So how they would handle the concept leaves me wondering.  They kind of have a team thing going with Cody and his friends and Chris Jericho and his team, but that may be putting the cart before the horse. They don’t have the actual match yet so the current plans probably aren’t going in that direction anyway.

I don’t think AEW is terrible, but it seems they still have a lot of stuff to work on before they decide to put 10 men in a cage and have them beat each other into submission.