King: My Reaction To Wednesday Night Dynamite

To start things off here, I’ve lived and breathed WWE before there was an E at the end so if you can’t understand that get the F outa here! Every week I watch all of WWE programming and write my thoughts and opinions on what segments or matches stand out to me so I decided to give All Elite Wrestling a chance. Here we go! 

Wednesday Night Dynamite was the first AEW programming I’ve ever watched, trust me that’s going to change as of now. From start to finish the huge debut episode felt like more of a grand spectacle. If you don’t believe me, take a look at The American Nightmare Cody’s face as he soaks it ALL-IN (Pun intended)! 

The first match that really stood out to me was Hangman Page versus Pac formerly known as Neville. As PAC portrayed a meaner and nastier character reminiscent to his “King of the Cruiserweights” persona in 2017. This was not the same character though, as PAC utilized his jaw-dropping aerial attacks to drop his foe instead of only focusing on technical wrestling skills. These two competitors have Insane in-ring chemistry I could watch them fight forever. 

The next match for the inaugural AEW Women’s Championship between the monstrous Nyla Rose versus Riho happened to be one of if not the best matches on the card. You may hate me for saying this but, Riho reminded me of a ton of Kairi Sane from NXT. 

Her fire and will to keep fighting despite being knocked down at every turn was amazing. I was captivated by both competitors at what they were willing to sacrifice to become the champion. Riho’s resiliency and no-quit attitude proved to be the deciding factor of becoming the first-ever AEW Women’s Champion.

The main event was one I was looking forward to all night as many were. Outside of watching a few of Chris Jericho’s matches in NJPW, I hadn’t followed him much except Talk is Jericho which is awesome! I had heard of Santana and Ortiz formerly LAX but, I’ve never seen one match of theirs before. Still pretty new to The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega again, I’ve been through and through WWE for twenty years give me a break lol. 

This six-man tag team match turned into a falls-count-anywhere brawl between the returning Jon Moxley and Omega ahead of their match at Full Gear. To me, that’s when this match got extremely good because both Nick and Matt were forced to finish the battle by themselves. 

Both Bucks were a ball of energy delivering wicked-awesome high-octane tandem offense like you’ve I’ve never seen before. Unfortunately for The Young Bucks, the numbers game caught up with them and the wily AEW World Heavyweight Champion scored the win. Oh and after the match was over, a HUGE brawl ensued and then we saw the debut of Jake Hager formerly known as Jack Swagger in WWE. 

I’ve learned three big revelations just from one episode: I need to go back and watch the two AEW pay-per-views to learn the backstory to the current storylines, Jon Moxley is the badass “The Lunatic Fringe” was supposed to be in WWE, and lastly I am so thankful I will get the opportunity to watch Wednesday Night Dynamite every week!