Things AEW can learn from NXT’s two weeks of live TV

Two weeks ago, NXT started airing live on the USA network. The two shows so far have been a massive success, with solid ratings and a very good product to offer to the fans.

AEW’s TNT debut is tonight and AEW can learn from the things NXT has done so far and improved, in an effort to captivate fans for the long and short term.

Set up storylines

So far the two NXT shows we’ve seen live have only set up one storyline, with that being the prophecy of Undisputed Era winning all the championships of NXT.

Besides the Undisputed Era prophecy, NXT has not really set up any storyline for fans to engage with this new product. The matches are fantastic but they also need to storylines of people to connect with the wrestlers or they will feel bored with watching the same episode every week. Tonight’s NXT most likely will set up things for the upcoming weeks but NXT wasted two weeks of advantage by not setting up storylines.

AEW can set up their plans tonight, and gives fans a glimpse of what is to come in AEW’s TV for them to come back next week.

Promos and video packages

Similar to storylines, NXT has really given anyone the chance to cut a promo to the fans watching NXT live. This so far has been a big mistake from NXT’s part and giving some promo time to a wrestler to introduce himself to a brand new audience.

AEW has very few people that can cut an amazing promo but AEW needs to give 2 or 3 minutes to MJF to cut a heel promo. This would be great for MJF and could help look like a star. Another great and safe choice would be the current AEW champion Chris Jericho.

AEW needs to run a few video packages to introduce new talent for the first time for the audience and help people understand who they are, and what is their character about.

Commercial Breaks

NXT and AEW have great in-ring work to offer to the fans, but one thing they should both be careful is when to cut to commercials.

So far NXT has been a bit of a hit and miss in this department, specially in important matches like we saw in the Velveteen Dream Vs Roderick Strong Matches we saw weeks ago with 2 long commercial breaks .

AEW needs to work around this especially during matches and segments so people don’t feel tired of after commercial breaks and want to keep watching.


NXT has one of the best commentary teams out there, but as good as Mauro Ranallo is, he sometimes is too overexcited and the pop culture references make some people mad, but like i said Mauro Ranallo is one of the best commentators you’ll ever find.

AEW’s commentary has been a hit or miss, but AEW does listen to the fans and makes changes where they need to be made, like we saw with Alex Marvez going back into a backstage role after a not so successful run as commentator for AEW.


Tonight the “Wednesday Night War” begins and NXT and AEW are ready to prove to the world why they have the hottest product in all professional wrestling.

Tonight we’ll know for sure that right now, this are good times to be a professional wrestling fans, and best of luck to of sides.