King: 3 Best Opponents For The Rock’s Final Match

A major announcement was shared on this week’s episode of Raw that The People’s Champion The Rock was making his long-awaited return to the brand he essentially coined with his “Iconic” Layeth the Smackdown catchphrase. 

The last time we saw The Great One on WWE programming was during WrestleMania 32 where he defeated Erik Rowan from The Wyatt Family in seconds followed by an in-ring brawl between The Wyatt’s and the returning John Cena. 

The Rock is one of the most Iconic superstars in WWE history. His rise to the top of WWE is incredible as he’s a ten-time World Heavyweight Champion and an eight-time WWE Champion including two reigns as the WCW World Championship. After accomplishing every accolade in the world of sports entertainment he set his sights on becoming a movie star in Hollywood. 

His last major match was at WrestleMania 29 where he defended his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against his then-rival Cena in a monumental passing-of-the-torch moment. This occurred after their “Infamous” Once in a Lifetime match that took place at the previous year’s WrestleMania in Miami, FL. 

There was a huge amount of speculation on whether or not The People’s Champion would be returning to the Smackdown debut episode on FOX, and now we have our answer. It begs the question though with WWE Crown Jewel returning to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Halloween, could The Rock be ready to step inside the squared circle one final time? 

In the past Crown Jewel spectacles, we’ve witnessed Icons such as The Undertaker, Goldberg, Triple H, and yes even regrettably The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels return to make a boatload of money. So, it wouldn’t shock me in the least if Vince McMahon and The Rock have a secret deal in place. Let’s discuss the best three matches for The People’s Champion’s final match in WWE. 

#3 A Member of Team Hogan 

Credit: Catch-News

Another big announcement was revealed on a special edition of MizTv that Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan will challenge with a Five-on-Five Traditional Match at this year’s Crown Jewel. While The Beastslayer Seth Rollins was the first member for Team Hogan and it appeared that Rusev was the second however after The Bulgarian Brute revealed his true colors by only helping Rollins to gain a Universal Championship title shot. 

Of course, we know how that night ended and so Rusev is going to have his focus solely on Bobby Lashley and his wife Lana which frees up a spot on the team. On the contrary to Ric Flair’s Team who already has The Viper Randy Orton and King Corbin. If The Rock has finally gotten clearance to put the boots on and wrestle one last time, perhaps it would be best where he only has to perform as less as possible. The main issue with The Great One getting physical is getting injured again as he did at WrestleMania 29. Given The Rock’s respect for The Hulkster stemming from their two matches, it would make perfect sense for him to be added to the team. 

#2  Settle The Score With Brock Lesnar

Credit: Cleveland

Everyone under the sun including the WWE Universe remembers what happened at the 2002 SummerSlam pay-per-view when The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar made history becoming the youngest WWE Champion by defeating The Rock sending him on his way to Hollywood. It was just another instance of The People’s Champion “doing the honors” for the young up-and-coming talent. 

On the Post-Mania-29-Raw the plan was for there to be an angle shot on the episode but unfortunately, it never came to be. There were rumors of a HUGE potential rematch to take place at WrestleMania 30 and here’s the proof.

I’m trying to be hopeful that Kofi Kingston will retain his WWE Championship this Friday against Lesnar and perhaps there is a way for him to. What if The Beast Incarnate is seconds away from winning the title and “If Ya Smellll” blares through the arena? Lesnar and the entire WWE Universe will go nuts as The Rock and Brock Lesnar have come face-to-face in a WWE in seventeen years. The People’s Champion could drop Lesnar with a THUNDEROUS Rock Bottom and Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise to retain his championship and keep his Cinderella story going. 

#1 Cousin VS. Cousin

Credit: Bleacher Report

Before you say anything hear me out, the time for this HUGE dream match is running out. Roman Reigns is finally in the right spot in his career that the WWE Universe would actually want to see it. Of course, the crowd will favor The People’s Champion over The Big Dog but still, it needs to happen. This blockbuster match has been talked about for several years now, going all the way to the 2015 Royal Rumble when The Rock came to his aid after eliminating both Corporate Kane and The Big Show. 

The Rock came down and whooped their candyasses and Reigns went on to eliminate Rusev to win the Royal Rumble and punch his ticket to challenge Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 31. Ever since that night in Philadelphia, the WWE Universe has been buzzing about the two cousins going one-on-one. 

I hate to say a disease saved the young man’s career but it seriously did. After Reigns’ real-life leukemia flare-up he’s been on a roll and the WWE Universe has been behind him 100%. Of course, it helps that WWE hasn’t shoved him down our throats and forced him back into the main-event title scene. If there ever was a place for these two warriors to do battle, it would be in Saudi Arabia. The two can have a very physical and hard-fought battle over family and pride and win or lose having The People’s Champion and The Big Dog raising each other’s hands or even a hug will be a moment nobody will ever forget.