What does the future hold of the team of Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan?

The team of Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch have made an impression on me. They aren’t goofy characters that do stupid skits or show up in the background of skits starring other people. They are just two guys with the characters of just getting in the ring and beating on people and in the process put on a good match. They aren’t in the main event but they are entertaining to me.

Recently Burch was brought over to the United States to appear with Lorcan as a tag team as the last little while the WWE has been trying to push Lorcan as a single on 205 Live and making him a future challenger to Drew Gulak and the cruiserweight title.

But does the WWE have a future plan for them as a team?

WWE isn’t big on tag teams as it is so the chances that they will just be split up with Burch going to NXT UK while Lorcan is sent to wherever to become god knows is actually seen by many watching the duo. It has been done before and things never turn out well when the WWE goes that route either.

Another possible route is to either RAW or Smackdown. There is a draft coming up so maybe one of the two shows could use some new blood to keep the tag team division alive but chances aren’t good there either. As said before, the WWE isn’t big on teams and unless they are big guys like the Heavy Machinery guys (or one is a “character” like Dozovic is) they aren’t going to put the hype behind them, especially when you have The Usos and The New Day to shove down everyone’s throats instead. No matter how many times a police picture is shown of a Uso brother online, they will be there no matter what.

I hope they don’t end up as Ryder and Hawkins did and just end up as jobbers and there to fill space more than do anything of note. They both are good guys and talented wrestlers, so putting them on the low end of the totem pole would seem like a bad idea and I could see the both of them head off to ROH or AEW if that ended up being their future in the WWE. Of course, we have seen the WWE do that too.

An idea would be to start a feud and give them a rivalry right off the bat. Have a series of matches against a team like the Uso brothers or the Revival and have them win some matches and look good in front of fans, instead of having them lose all the time and not do them any favors. Having a tag match every week where they have some wins is better than what the WWE will usually do and give them a bunch of matches on House Shows that hardly anyone sees.

No matter what happens to the team, a lot of people are not seeing the ideas as being good ones. So while fans aren’t expecting the best of outcomes for the team of Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan, we have seen teams in a whole lot worse places in years past. Hopefully, they won’t be doing skits with supposedly burning ass cream.