Rearranging My Wrestling Schedule

I have been watching pro wrestling on Tv for a long while, since the days of watching the local ICW wrestling (The Savoldi run federation, not the one run by Randy Savage’s dad) on the local ABC affiliate and I notice every few years there is a big change in the schedule to rearrange when to watch. We seem to be coming up on another one of those times where there is so much moving around with wrestling that it can be hard to catch up. There is a lot of change about to happen and I hope I can keep track!

Mondays will hopefully stay the same with WWE’s Monday Night RAW. Not only have I been watching that show since it began, but I was watching back in the early ’90s and Prime Time Wrestling with Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan. With RAW, maybe some new sets have been rumored but it doesn’t seem to be changing its place on the remote.

Tuesdays are going to be the first of changes. Currently, it is for Smackdown and after that is 205 Live. Both are moving with Smackdown moving to FOX but literally as I am writing this I see a commercial for Impact airing on the AXS network so if that holds true then I guess I am watching Impact on Tuesday nights. I haven’t watched Impact regularly in several years (how many networks have they changed since them?) but with it moving to the AXS Network it may be worth checking it to see if they have gotten any better.

Wednesday will have a lot of changes and some are happening already. Normally I used this day to cover NXT, NXT UK, and sit down and watch 205 Live on my computer. NXT already has moved to the USA Network, BUT the plans are that 205 live will move to Friday Nights and NXT UK will be moving to Thursdays. I’m not sure why it has to move but sure, okay, those will be on Thursdays now. AEW will be airing it’s TV show on Wednesday nights the same time as NXT so looks like my DVR will get a work out on Wednesdays too!

Thursdays now will be hosting NXT UK shows from the WWE Network. Besides that, I will probably use this time to clean up any DVR recordings or whatever wrestling shows up during the week.

Fridays are now the home of NJPW and WOW on AXS TV. I watch them both and while WOW isn’t the top of my wrestling viewing I still give it a watch and see if they do anything new.

Saturdays I watch my DVR recordings of ROH and NWA From Hollywood that both air at ungodly hours of the morning. I like both of them and they have different attitudes where ROH is really serious while the NWA From Hollywood has some wild and weird characters like the RockNES Monsters and Gentleman Jervis Cottonbelly. Wild ideas and a shot of some really imaginative.

Sundays will usually have nothing but sometimes I get together with friends and watch the pay per views events. If anything it is an excuse to get together and have some fun for a night. It doesn’t happen every week or we get tough for every event but still, it is a good excuse to get out of the house.

So in all, there will be some changes to my schedule for wrestling. It will probably take some getting use to but I’ll recover. Hope the new season doesn’t move all the wrestling around either!