205 Live Recap: Episode 147

Last week on 205 Live: Gentleman Jack Gallagher found a tag partner to take on Akira Tozawa and The Brian Kendrick, the tag partner was Kushida. Dio Maddin is on commentary to replace Nigel McGuinness and when talking about Kushida said “I love Kush”. The main event was Gran Metalik, Lince Dorado and Humberto Carrillo vs. Drew Gulak, Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari. Lince Dorado ended up pinning Gulak.

Also, Clash of Champions happened and Drew Gulak came out victorious against Lince Dorado and Humberto Carrillo.

Cold Open

Recap of the championship match at Clash of Champions. The video focuses on Lince Dorado being more aggressive and Drew Gulak winning the match.

Ariya Daivari vs. Lince Dorado

  • It’s crazy how this match has a month or so build to it, and there is no video package. For us at home, we hear commentary tell us that Daivari has been trying to split Lince Dorado away from Lucha House Party and Dorado caught on to the manipulation. Lince is showing that he can be a star and stick with his lucha crew. But, the live crowd have no idea why these two are wrestling. I think there would be more crowd reactions if the live crowd was shown a video about these characters before hand.
  • The match is some back and forth for a bit until Lince Dorado falls outside of the ring and screws his knee up. Daivari taunts acting like he was the reason Dorado is hurt.
  • Then Daivari gets Lince in the ring and throws Dorado into the turnbuckle. Lince didn’t fall because his leg couldn’t support his body. Outside of the ring moments before, Lince could barely walk before getting into the ring. Then he is able to run full speed into the turnbuckle.
  • Ariya has been working Lince over for close to three minutes and Lince has not once sold his leg, it’s really weird to just forget about that leg thing when it was a focal point for a good thirty seconds of the match.
  • Lince Dorado hit a rebound hand spring kick to Daivari. He clearly missed but Daivari sold it like he was knocked out. Commentary said multiple times “didn’t get all of it” which is commentary speak for “we can’t cover for this so we are just gonna let you know, that we know that didn’t hit him.”
  • Lince is mounting a comeback and the crowd is super quiet.
  • Dorado had two or three comebacks and Daivari was able to stop every one of them. Daivari even pulled out a Rock Bottom and only got a two count.
  • Ariya picked Lince up, yelled in Dorado’s face “You should have listened to me”. You’d think that’d fire Dorado up, but he just ended up having a comeback fail. Commentary has taken note of this, talking about how Lince must have nine lives because Daivari keeps stopping him in his tracks.
  • 205 Live is gon 205 Live, so Daivari and Lince Dorado battle on the top rope. This happens in every single 205 match, if it doesn’t happen every match it’s for sure every episode.
  • Lince Dorado won the top rope battle and hit a shooting star press for the win.

And I’m Like… That match was a good match in terms of long term story telling and capping it off at the end. The story in the match was Lince trying to prove to Daivari that he will not give up on himself or his friends. He kept kicking out to prove that to us. Lince won and seemingly ended the feud.

Tony Nese backstage attacking Oney Lorcan two weeks ago is shown. Hopefully the live crowd sees this too.

Oney Lorcan cuts a promo about how Tony hurt him but not as bad as Nese is gonna be hurt tonight.

Gentleman Jack Gallagher vs. The Brian Kendrick w/ Akira Tozawa

  • The Brian Kendrick has a bit more of an attitude than usual and Tozawa gives off some bad guy vibes as well.
  • Kendrick and Tozawa appear to be more aggressive and have used some shady tactics as of late. Jack Gallagher accused Kendrick of doing a shady tactic on purpose and Kendrick has taken such offense to it that he continues to prod at Gallagher for the past few weeks.
  • Jack has wrestled as both a babyface and a heel and he changes how he wrestles based on his alignment. Jack is doing all of his babyface moves in this match, if that means anything.
  • Gallagher accidently runs into Akira Tozawa and Akira looks to be very upset by it. Jack tells Akira to go to the back, but Kendrick shows up and hits Gallagher with a kendo stick.
  • Akira looks shocked and asks Kendrick “what are you doing?”, but Akira lets Kendrick attack Jack multiple times before interjecting.
  • Kendrick then takes the kendo stick and hits Akira one time.

And I’m Like… No crowd response makes things really weird in wrestling. Tozawa looks heartbroken that Kendrick hit him with the weapon. There will be more explaining next week I’m sure. There is enough shades of grey were this story could go in multiple directions. The match wasn’t much because it was being used a launching pad for this story, which is fine. I’m excited to see where it goes.

Humberto Carrillo is interviewed about not winning the championship last week. Humberto said if he faces Drew one-on-one, Gulak won’t be so lucky. Humberto’s promos have gotten a lot better over the last year.

Oney Lorcan vs. Tony Nese

  • So Tony Nese has gone from heel to face to heel and has YET to have a gimmick beyond “counts abs”. Once Ricochet came to the main roster, Tony stopped counting his abs. Oney Lorcan doesn’t really have a character either, he just talks about fighting a lot. One time Lorcan got mad that someone touched his jacket, but that’s about it.
  • So this match is that one guy with no real character attacked another guy with no real character. It’s definitely different than the previous two matches.
  • Lorcan loves a fight so he starts the match off just taking Nese to the woodshed. He keeps trying to get the crowd involved but there is little to no noise coming from the Atlanta crowd.
  • Nese gains the advantage and starts throwing Lorcan all around ringside, while commentary is talking about the “New Tony Nese”, but the only thing new about him is that he smiles less.
  • Nese ended up putting Oney through the announce table. Oney barely gets into the ring before the count of ten. Oney is losing this fight now and Nese is a former cruiserweight champion, he knows how to keep the pressure on.
  • Shout out to the one fan a few rows back on the floor that is trying to get chants going and over acting at everything that happens in the match. You can tell he is a 205 fan and really wants the crowd to be into this. Bless his soul.
  • Tony Nese goes from a body scissors to a waist lock and Oney started fighting out of it. Atlanta didn’t even do the slow clap that builds to a fast clap routine to show support for the babyface. This is rough. Which is sad because the match is good and they are telling a nice little story in the match.
  • Lorcan begins his comeback and there are actually a few people cheering for Oney. That’s one thing I do appreciate about 205 Live and the quiet crowds. It’s really satisfying when the crowd gets won over and starts reacting, it feel more special. Reminds me of the matches Buddy Murphy and Ali would have.
  • Tony attempts to set up the “Running Nese” but Oney is able to stop it with a dropkick. Then they work their way to the top turnbuckle and fight a little bit up there because 205 Live.
  • Nese fights Oney off so Lorcan hits a running European uppercut to knock Nese off the top rope.
  • Oney goes for a suicide dive but Gulak shows up out of no where and grabs Lorcan’s foot. Nese ends up getting a distraction roll up on Lorcan and gets the win.

And I’m Like… So Oney may have had the match won but Gulak caused the distraction. Kind of a weak ending, hopefully it’s the beginning of a longer feud that will have some more oomph behind it as the weeks roll on.

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