Is Bray Wyatt only good for Social Media Traffic?

(Notice: This was written before Clash of Champions but still hold true)

Bray Wyatt has had a good run in the WWE as a bizarre guy, either as his “Fiend” persona or his former role as the bizarre leader of the group of Erik Rowan, Braun Strowman, and Luke Harper, with some little bits of Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan and along the way. He had crowds of people chanting “He’s got the whole world in his hands” and having some bizarre moments at Wrestlemania.

However, nowadays he has his “Firefly Funhouse” where he plays more of Mister Rodgers type role with a bunch of puppets that is more bizarre than anything. Since those skits have aired people have been scratching their heads and wondering just what is going on. The puppets have appeared in other nonrelated backstage shots and people have posted online their various theories to what any of it means.

Maybe that was the point of all this to begin with.

Wyatt has done much as either himself or in his “Fiend” mask beyond just weird appearances either in the ring or in the funhouse skits and just about every time he does there is a bunch of people of Facebook and Twitter posting about what Bray Wyatt is dong and guessing what it all means. It makes you wonder if having a character like that is more to drive up social media counts more then win wrestling matches. WWE likes social media action like that, even if many people don’t see it. To me it brings back memories of when they talked about how many social media mentions they got from Monday night RAW, not mentioning that was the episode when Jerry Lawler had his heart attack and nearly died on air. No, that stuff isn’t important to WWE. The whys aren’t as important as the numbers, but that kind of thinking goes far beyond social media anyway.

So could Bray’s weirdness and stuff that goes in with the “Firefly Funhouse” sketches try to weird out the audience to post on Twitter and give WWE a mention? It is hard to say as the Twitter mentions of what Bray does don’t get mentions directly on TV, but mentions of RAW and WWE and ranked right up there on the trending lists that they often do trot out, no matter why people are mentioning either to begin with. No matter what goes in on their programming, the WWE is a business and all those posts about the weird guy on RAW is free business and advertising.