Cain Velasquez Talks About Why He Prefers AEW

Cain Velasquez impressed many with his showing at TripleMania. His deal with AAA is for three matches only and the remaining two will be in New York City and Los Angeles.

We had reported earlier that Velasquez had talks with both AEW and WWE.

Velasquez was recently asked by ESPN which professional wrestling company he currently favors and his response was unexpected.

He said that he prefers AEW right now, but admitted that he loves both companies. Here is what he said:

“I love them both. I think obviously WWE is the powerhouse. They’ve had the biggest stars come from there and it’s the most watched wrestling in the U.S. for sure. I love the backstories and the drama, but their wrestling to me — I like more of the lucha stuff. I like the athleticism, and we do see some in WWE, but as far as wrestling goes, it’s not my favorite organization just as far as the wrestling.

“I think AEW is doing some great stuff. I like the talent that they’ve brought in. They have a mix of lucha, which I think is pretty cool, and something fans are really liking these days. They’re doing a great job in giving the fans what they want as far as the wrestling and I love that they’re doing that. I like them both for what they are, but I love the way AEW is going, the path they are going. I see big things for them in the future. … If I can, I’d love to do something with them.”

We wonder which company he will ultimately end up in. We will keep you updated regarding Velasquez.

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