NXT Recap: Episode 524

Last week on NXT: Breezango are a fully formed team again. They have new gear and really generic new music. Candice LeRae got beatdown in a parking lot by Io Shirai. Velveteen Dream made quick work of Kona Reeves before having his couch set on fire by Roderick Strong. Bianca Belair fucked around and beat Taynara. Jordan Myles cashed in his Breakout Tournament contract but could not dethrone NXT Champion Adam Cole.

Cold Open

Rhea Ripley shows up in a fancy SUV. Then, in full entrance gear walks into Full Sail. I love the thought of Rhea wearing a spiked jacket with her name all over the back of it when she is out in public.

Damian Priest vs. Boa

  • So Boa is described as “was in the Breakout Tournament” and his music was played quieter than Priests. These are the tells that say Priest will win.
  • Damian Priest, as we all know, is Roman Reigns spunky younger brother. The one who had to act out because his big brother was perfect. So he got into goth shit and tattoos and stuff.
  • Boa got one move in but “The Archer of Infamy” wasn’t phased. Priest is taunting Boa, and outright disprespecting him. That gave Boa some steam to lay some strikes in, but the crowd is on their 4th taping and also know the telltale signs that Boa is going to lose.
  • Boa is hit with Priest’s moves of doom which include a cylcone kick, discus lariat and CrossRhodes.

And I’m Like… Roman’s little brother wins. He has yet to have a storyline so we don’t know much about him. We do know that he puts his entrance gear back on when he wins. Hopefully these showcase matches end soon.

Velveteen Dream and Roderick Strong video package is shown. It’s one-on-one for the North American championship on September 18th.

Johnny Gargano Addresses NXT

  • Johnny soaks in the “Johnny Wrestling” chants for what seems like five minutes. I most love the dude in the front row in a suit staning and chanting. I feel like he just got off of work and went straight to the taping.
  • The chant won’t die, the crowd cheers in and out of the the chant but it just goes on and on. This is the equivalent to the Hogan chants after Wrestlemania X8. Johnny Gargano is to NXT what Hulk Hogan was to WWE if Hulk Hogan was never a mainstream star.
  • Johnny talks about how much he loves NXT. Gargano said he was given a choice for his future, he wants to tell us personally that…
  • Shane Thorne comes out to super generic music
  • Shane Thorne is so cool he has his shirt off but it’s tucked into his pants. If this was 10 years ago he’d smell of AXE body spray.
  • Thorne says NXT will be fine without Johnny, then Shane says if he gets the spotlight, NXT will be even better.
  • Shane and Johnny do the same thing that Sami Zayn and Undertaker did, where Gargano feigns leaving the ring. Then Gargano superkicks Shane Thorne, spells NXT with his fingers and does the 4-Life hand gesture.

And I’m Like… We have Johnny Gargano forever in NXT. It’s smart for him because he wouldn’t be the star he is in NXT on the main roster, and 205 Live gets no respect. Plus they are headed to cable so why would Johnny leave now?

Forgotten Sons get a promo package about how they are savages.

Pete Dunne vs. Angel Garza

  • Rumor is Dunne is moving to Florida. So he is gonna be a fixture on NXT:Domestic for the near future.
  • Angel Garza comes out in the pants that we are just waiting for him to take off. He even lets NXT’s resident grandma Anita Smith give him a kiss. then refuses to slap the hands of any man in the crowd. Garza is the best you guys.
  • To see Angel’s award winning smile and the juxtaposition of Pete Dunnes scowl is amazing.
  • Garza wants to wait to start the match until he takes his pants off. Dunne is not having it and goes right for some limb work and join manipulation.
  • Shout out to Pete Dunne for having me teach my toddler daughter joint manipulation. Toddlers can’t fight but they can grab fingers and bend those shits backwards.
  • Garza is finally able to rip his pants off, but we can only celebrate for a little bit before Dunne is back to attacking Garza. Not getting to bask in the cheers towards his thighs, Garza gets mad and ends up superkicking Dunne while outside of the ring. Angel now has the advantage.
  • The advantage only lasts so long before Dunne gets a hold of Garza’s fingers and mounts a comeback with strikes, suplexes and joint manipulation.
  • This match has begun to become very back and forth, move for move.
  • Garza will land a punch or a kick and play to the crowd. Then Dunne will get some strikes in, but Garza will counter and smile at the crowd again. If Garza stayed focused he seemingly would be able to defeat Pete.
  • Dunne catches a moonsaulting Garza and gets Angel to tap out by breaking Garza’s fingers.

And I’m Like… Good showing here. Dunne gets the win but Garza could have won if he wasn’t so full of himself. Each man proved their worth in a very well wrestled match. Can’t complain here.

Street Profits get some screen time by doing their Raw promo’s outdoors. They are gonna stay on NXT and try and win the tag championships.

Raul Mendoza vs. Cameron Grimes

  • Cameron Grimes comes out looking like a carny ringmaster. He gives off the vibe of shyster.
  • Poor Raul Mendoza, super talented, had a great team going with Humberto who moved to 205 Live and Raul is back to being beaten in a matter of minutes on NXT.
  • Grimes almost got pinned quickly by Mendoza, Nigel said it was almost an upset. Which says a lot. Raul has been on NXT television for more than three years, this is Grimes third televised match. Yet, Mendoza winning is considered an upset.
  • Mendoza is doing really well in this match, he is staying persistent, hitting strikes and dives. Grimes finally gets the advantage in the match by taking the middle rope and slingshotting it to Mendoza’s face.
  • Grimes only needs to hit his finisher and he wins.

And I’m Like… Another match where the loser looks really good but the winner only needs to hit a couple moves to win. Neither man really has developed a character but it was an enjoyable watch.

Candice yells at Regal for rewarding Io for attacking her all the time. Regal says that Candice will be in the number one contender match now. so Bianca Belair vs. Candice LeRae vs. Mia Yim vs. Io Shirai.


NXT Women’s Championship

Rhea Ripley vs. Shayna Baszler(c)

  • Rhea is here to fuck around and gain a championship. She is young brash and brazen, hopefully that’s enough to defeat the most dominate NXT women’s champion since Asuka.
  • Shayna has Shane Thorne energy with the shirt tucked into her pants. I guess Shane is trying to steal Shayna’s energy if we are being honest.
  • It’s weird how we are having a championship match but not the championship introductions. There is no spotlights on the competitors while the ref holds the championship up high. Just two entrances and a bell ringing.
  • Rhea overpowers Shayna and Baszler sells fear. A lot of Arn Anderson qualities in Shayna Baszler.
  • Shayna waits until Rhea makes a mistake, that comes in the way of a boot. Ripley tries to hit a big boot on Shayna but Baszler grabs Rhea’s foot and traps it in the ropes. Shayna is now trying to pick apart Rhea’ limbs but Rhea has too much strength at the moment.
  • That’s how this match is playing out. Shayna is trying to use her smarts but Rhea is able to overcome everything. Then Shayna’s goon squad comes out and slips Shayna a chair. Baszler knows she is out matched.
  • In the heat of the moment, Rhea grabs the chair from Shayna and attacks Baszler. Baszler is able to escape with the championship but now we know Ripley has Baszler’s number.

And I’m Like… Heels gonna heel and Shayna is the best there is at that right now. Rhea proves her worth and this is only the beginning for the two baddest bitches in the game.

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