RevPro Ring Announcer Gives Recollection Of Events Where Referee Claimed To Be Assaulted

The story that went viral two days ago is one that keeps evolving. First most of the wrestling world was made aware of the events that happened when referee Aaren Wilde took to Twitter to talk about how he had sustained a career threatening injury from a non consensual attack after a wrestling match.

Sha Samuels and Josh Bodom were the perpetrators involved. Sha and Josh were a tag team facing off against Aussie Open. The match ended before it should have when Josh did not get his shoulder up in time and Aaren counted the three. Sha and Josh were upset at the referee for doing his job correctly and took out their aggression on Wilde in a non scripted event.

Later RevPro finally released an official statement, as well as Sha Samuels. Josh Bodom was released from RevPro for his actions during and after the altercation.

Now the ring announcer from RevPro has given a first hand account of what had happened.

Aaren Wilde has stated he will stay off social media for a while and Josh Bodom has deactivated his social media accounts. Josh has posted a message from RevPro owner Andy Quildan that makes things a little murky from RevPro’s stand point.

So it appears both Josh and Aaren are done with wrestling at this point.

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