Orange Cassidy | The Most Controversial Wrestler on the AEW Roster

Orange Cassidy has created a lot of controversy with his "Sloth Style" wrestling. Why is this AEW wrestler so polarizing?

Orange Cassidy is the most controversial wrestler on the AEW Roster. It was announced on July 30, 2019 “Freshly Squeezed” was signed to All Elite Wrestling. The signing created a polarizing response from the wrestling community.

While many see a star in the making with his in-ring talent and a gimmick never seen before, others like Jim Cornette see a mockery to the industry. What makes Orange Cassidy so polarizing is his style of wrestling, known to many as “Sloth Style”. He wrestles a majority of his matches with his hands in his pockets and attacks his opponents lightly at first before finally kicking into gear and actually use effort towards the end of the match.

Many fans of the man from wherever, weighing whatever will point out his match vs David Starr or vs Gentleman Jervis. Many of the haters and skeptics will point to his moment in the AEW Double or Nothing Casino Battle Royale where he play kicked Tommy Dreamer. However, his short appearance at All Out could have changed some people’s minds.

Tonight on the Squared Circle Psychobabble, Ralph and Michael continue their initial conversation on Orange Cassidy and why he is so controversial.

Chris Jericho said on his AEW All Out episode of the Talk is Jericho podcast that he would like to wrestle Orange Cassidy. Is it possible the All Elite Wrestling champion could face the most controversial wrestler on the AEW Roster? Both are possibly the most talked about on social media.

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