RevPro Issues Statement Over Assault Of Referee – Sha Samuels Also Speaks Out

Yesterday referee Aaren Wilde posted a thread about how he was beaten up by Josh Bodom and Sha Samuels in an unscripted part of the show. Josh was being pinned and Aaren counted the pinfall. Josh was supposed to kick out at two, but didn’t, so Aaren counted the three.

Sha and Josh were supposed to lose the match, so nothing was really botched other than then time left in the match. After the bell rang, Sha bodyslammed Aaren without his consent and then Josh proceeded to bludgeon Aaren outside of the ring. Due to the attack, Aaren may have to retire from officiating wrestling because of injuries.

RevPro have now issued a statement via Twitter.

RevPro said Aaren never reached out to them before taking to Twitter. That they waited to comment on the matter until they had the facts. They said Sha told the truth when reciting the events but Bodom did not. If any fans were witness to the event they can reach out to a RevPro.

Usually there are two sides to every story, and if it wasn’t for fans showing footage of Bodom attacking Wilde outside of the ring, one story may have not been proven true.

This is quite a mess for RevPro, but management now seems to be trying to right the wrongs and do everything they can to make their promotion safer for talent and fans.

Sha Samuels also took to Twitter to make a statement.

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