AEW and statistics

One of the new ideas AEW will try to introduce is the use of statistics in Pro-Wrestling. So far, we’ve seen a glimpse of this with the importance of win-loss records in AEW, but it can’t only be that.

The use of statistics could be an interesting tool for AEW to use it differentiate itself from other promotions, but if used incorrectly it could be AEW’s biggest mistake.

Statistics in AEW should not be bound to only a win and loss record of wrestlers but it could focus on other aspects of wrestling that for fans they are underrated or unnoticed.

How Effective a finisher is?

One interesting idea of the use of statistics would be knowing how effective a finisher is, with this AEW could make finishers more important than ever in an era where we see near falls in every match.

Another great way of the use of statistics would be how effective a finisher is according to the style of the opponent, in other words the style of your opponent can make the finisher less effective according to the data gather of the wrestler facing opponents with a similar wrestling style.

Wrestling Time

One thing we always see in sports is the time a player spends on the field and this could an interesting statistic for AEW to use. This would allow viewers to know what wrestlers are fitted for long matches and would put into play the idea of stamina.

Using this statistic would help establish what wrestlers are fitted for long matches and help others get over in this aspect.

Damaged body part

Sometimes during a match we wonder how badly injured a body part is and maybe introducing the statistic of how many times a body part has been targeted could be something interesting to use.

This idea would not be new since a lot of wrestling fans have seen something similar to this in video games and it could be concept that would make certain moves or attacks even more effective.

As we see this are just a few ideas that AEW could potentially use once they debut on TNT and establish their TV program. The use of this type of statistics would be an interesting gimmick for AEW to use and they are simple to understand, something that comes handy when trying to attract new fans to your product.