Three Superstars Were Allowed To Cut Unscripted Promos On RAW This Week

WWE has their writers write promos with the intention of them being memorized and every single word being repeated by the superstars. However, there was a change in that this week.

According to a report by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, three Superstars were allowed more freedom with their promos this week on RAW. While they were still scripted, it was not mandatory for them to repeat everything word for word.

Sasha Banks, Bayley and Rey Mysterio were able to cut promos in their own way with just a few bullet points that used to be the norm during older times.

Bayley, Banks and Mysterio’s promos on Raw were all done without being scripted word-for-word, basically the old bullet points style and going for it.

It was also reported that “there is a movement to try and do more of that going forward.”