NXT Recap: Episode 523

Last week on NXT: Io Shirai made quick work of HoliAlive and then Candice LeRae beat the bejesus out of Io with a kendo stick. Dijakovic and Keith Lee fucked around and got a triple double. Rhea Ripley is that bitch. The Street Profits lost the NXT tag titles that they haven’t been wearing on Raw for the last couple of weeks.

Cold Open

A recap of when Jordan Myles won the Breakout Tournament and decided to cash in his contract for a championship match against Adam Cole. Then Adam Cole’s answer.

Breezango vs. Chase Parker and Matt Martel

  • Breezango has a new entrance song and come out as fashion police. Man the theme song is just so generic and bad. I really miss CFO$ right now. Like more than I should because my young daughter chooses entrance music as her go to song selection when we drive or play. So that sound has such a sentimental value. It honestly feels like Jimmy Hart is back making music.
  • Chase Parker and Matt Martel also have atrocious music. They have been a tag team for almost 15 years and I’m sorry to say I’ve never seen them. They are hugging like thy are the Best Friends or something.
  • Breezango are a lot less flamboyant in their clothing style, no fur or obnoxious colors. Just black and silver pants with lots of bedazzling. They look more fashionable.
  • It’s weird that NXT now has Josiah Williams, who has some music making abilities and they obviously aren’t using him. I’m not saying he is as well rounded in creating different sounds than CFO$ but I know he isn’t as generic as whatever they are using. I mean I get it CFO$ did Jim Johnston dirty, and he made some great tunes too, but damn. This is bothering me more than it should.
  • The reason I’m talking about music more than the wrestling is because Breezango is obviously going to win, if you read these reviews, you are well aware of the team and their wrestling abilities.
  • What makes Breezango so great is that they are big stars in NXT so they can kick ass and get cheers, but they’ve also lost most of their careers so they can believably sell to anyone.
  • Thy hit their finish called the Fashion Faux Pas for the win.

And I’m Like… So along with just horrible music that you can’t dance to or anything, they have a Scott Steiner siren going on. Their music sounds like a parody of a 70’s cop show theme. But, like not one you can groove to.

Keith Lee and Jordan Myles walk into the arena together and Queen Cathy interviews Jordan Myles. Jordan is the best at facial expressions and seems pretty good behind the mic. I really like their pairing, genuine friendship really shows through.

Candice gets attacked in the parking lot by Io Shirai and a kendo stick. This feud is relentless.

Cameron Grimes cuts a promo about how he is now at the bottom of NXT and his goal is to be the champion. He being so mad reminds me of Chip Baskets so much. Except Cameron Grimes now wears a top hat.

Velveteen Dream vs. Kona Reeves

  • Hate to harp on music again, but this might be a big issue for me going forward. Dream and Reeves’ music was CFO$ and it’s obvious. It’s mixed better, has more complexity, even though it’s just loops. Dream’s theme song is a Prince rip off and early 80’s Minneapolis Sound style music, but it FEELS different. It makes a person more of a star. Like Daniel Bryan’s generic first theme song in WWE and his song now, one FEELS big, the other feels bland, which hurts a characters persona.
  • Kona Reeves is still my dude. I enjoy how corny he is, but how confident he is. I’m sure if I met this character in real life at a bar or something I would just hate him so much. But, watching him on TV makes me love him, much like an annoying sitcom character.
  • Kona’s character is so second rate but he acts like he is the best thing going. He would be great in a group with Dream as a lackey.
  • Dream wrestles a very basic, classic style but he does it with such charisma that it’s enjoyable. Basic drop kicks and running the ropes, with some wrestlers could be boring, but not with dream.
  • Crowd really isn’t feeling this match though, because no one believes that Kona has a chance.
  • Kona was supposed to grab the ropes on a pin attempt but he really wasn’t in position and it looked really bad. Dream quickly hits his the Dream Valley Driver for the win, doesn’t even need the elbow drop.

And I’m Like… I enjoy when a wrestler wins with a signature move instead of a finisher. It makes future nearfalls more impactful. This match existed and isn’t memorable in the slightest.

WWE Photo

Roderick Strong shows up on the big screen calling out Dream while standing in front of a fire. Then we see that Dream’s sweet couch is on fire. Dream is mad.

Taynara vs. Bianca Belair

  • Taynara lost her last name of Conti. Her theme song is still fun. Bianca’s still bangs and adds so much sass to her character.
  • Bianca has a bigger smile on than usual. Seems really excited just to be in a ring and wrestle. She doesn’t really have a storyline right now, so this is just a match.
  • Taynara is trying some submissions on Belair, but Bianca is showing that she is too strong for anything Taynara is trying. The crowd is again very quiet. That’s the problem with hours three and four of the NXT taping. Which might hurt it when it goes to two hours on USA. I think AEW will bring a lot more energy to their shows, at the moment.
  • Taynara is able to gain control with some of her Judo moves, but her striking attempts are what leaves her susceptible to Bianca’s offense. Taynara knows how to gain an advantage but she doesn’t really know how to keep it.
  • Bianca catches Taynara’s cross body off the apron and hits a fall away slam onto the outside. Both women are struggling to get to the ring at as the referee counts. Now Bianca jut starts beating Taynara down.
  • Bianca hits her moves of doom after being fired up. One KOD later and Bianca is your winner.

And I’m Like… Good effort by both women, they are still growing as performers and had a good match with no story behind it.

Regal announces a number one contender match for the NXT Women’s championship. It’s Rhea Ripley vs. Shayna Baszler next week for the championship and we will know who the champion will face after that, it will be either Mia Yim vs. Bianca Belair vs. Io Shirai. Shayna has beaten all of them.

NXT World Championship

Jordan Myles vs. Adam Cole(c)

  • Jordan is a lot less smiley, still smiling a lot, but less than normal. He is taking this very serious.
  • In NXT, this is the first time these two have ever touched, unsure of if they wrestled on the indies. So the beginning of the match is a feeling out process.
  • Adam Cole is always cocky, so it’s hard to tell if Adam is taking Jordan lightly or not.
  • Cole for the first few minutes is just working a side headlock. Taking the oxygen out of Myles, showing Cole’s dominance.
  • Myles has chosen to work Cole’s arm early in the match, but I don’t think much of his offense is arm related, so I’m not sure how smart that is, because Cole’s signature moves are not reliant on the arms.
  • Jordan doesn’t know how to gain a foothold in this match. All he really had was a surprise arm drag, but Cole is more of a ring general and is able to dictate the match. Not giving Myles a chance to get any offense in.
  • Cole is beginning to disrespect Myles more and more in the match. He is seeing this as easier than expected and begins trash talking Myles. “Give me your best” Cole screams at Jordan while striking Jordan.
  • A yay/boo spot kind of shows up out of no where and that is where Myles is able to use his speed to get some momentum going. Cole ends up stepping to the outside to gain composure, but Myles stays on Cole and gets a near fall.
  • Myles shows his strength by hitting a deadlift German on Cole. Adam waits for an opportunity to strike, and it happens when Myles goes for a suicide dive.
  • The match is showing that Myles has the ability to beat Cole through skill and determination, he just doesn’t have the ring acumen.
  • Cole decides to combat Myles’ speed by applying a figure four leg lock. Jordan’s leg is usually taped up anyways so Cole decides to attack Myles good leg.
  • Myles seems to have exhausted his NXT moveset and doesn’t really know how to combat Cole. Adam learns in the ring like Floyd Mayweather, where he learns your moves and tells of attacks, waits for you to leave an opening and attacks.
  • Myles gets a near fall from a top rope splash. The commentary team seems to think Myles has a better chance to win than the crowd. After Cole and Gargano at Takeover, it’s hard to believe that Cole can be put away so easily though.
  • Cole hits two superkicks and a Last Shot for the win.

And I’m Like… Real good storytelling in this match. Myles has a lot to learn before he is able to truly contend with Adam Cole though.

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