How The Tallahassee Police Department Found The AEW Championship

The story of Chris Jericho, a steakhouse and a stolen championship seems to get better as the hours pass.

First it was the initial police report filed by Jericho, then the worldwide investigation. Next came the police posting that they found the championship then deleted the post. After that AEW decided to drop the investigation storyline and just be done with the issue. One thing was still a mystery, how did the police come across the championship?

If you guessed “found on the side of the road”, then you’d be correct.

It’s pretty difficult to believe the belt was just tossed out of the window like a piece of litter. The person most likely noticed how much news this story was generated and decided the best thing to do is just return the championship.

The person who returned the belt has not been identified, so there is still a possibility AEW can weave a tale stating it was a member of their roster, though that would be highly unlikely.

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