Too much TV

TV is an important part for every big wrestling promotion. A terrible TV deal could condemn any promotion like we see with IMPACT and ROH right now, but WWE just keeps getting bigger than ever and thanks to the new TV deal they got for NXT and making it for the first time profitable.

NXT instead of being taped and being 1 hour long, will become a live show and with 2 hours each week starting September 18. This change will make the current WWE programming go up to 10 hours (RAW 3H, SD 2H, NXT 2H, 205Live 1H, Main Event 1H and NXT UK 1H) of weekly content.

The alarming part is that these 10 hours of programming can go up if we consider the weeks that have a PPV (3-6 hours) and the TakeOver shows (2-3 hours). In total WWE are demanding for a viewer to potentially watch 18 hours of WWE content in a week. Obviously not all people watch every WWE show but depending of what you watch from WWE, the numbers of weekly TV are just alarming.

To make things even crazier, WWE plans to create NXT divisions in Japan, Mexico and Canada with each one having their own show, that would potentially add 3 more hours of weekly content to WWE.

WWE is creating a lot of content and this could overwhelm people because no one can watch all this content and could just go to other easier products to watch like AEW or NJPW that don’t demand too much hours of your life. WWE is creating so much content and some of this content is not very good TV but despite all that they keep getting great TV deals.