Info On AEW’s TV Deal With TNT

All Elite Wrestling kicks of their weekly television series on October 2nd on TNT. While details and specifics regarding their deal with TNT have not been revealed, it looks like we now have a little bit of insight as to how their deal with TNT works.

AEW’s TV deal with TNT was discussed on the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, and Dave Meltzer broke down some details. It was said that there is a bottom number that AEW will be receiving from TNT via their ad revenue split. While the number can always increase, there is a bottom line guarantee which they will be getting out of the deal. It was also stated that their number is not as much as what WWE will be getting from the USA Network once NXT begins airing next month.

“The AEW number as far as how much they’re making depending on ad splits which are driven by a number of factors, but ratings being by far the most important so with big ratings AEW will make very good money. With bad ratings, they have a bottom, there’s a guarantee and it’s still a good deal even with lower ratings, but it won’t be as good a deal as the USA deal for NXT if the ratings aren’t good.”

It’s been reported that WWE will be making roughly $30 million per year from the USA Network for the rights to air NXT on Wednesday nights.

We will keep you updated if we hear anything else regarding AEW’s TV deal with TNT.

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