Jim Cornette Is Right About Orange Cassidy?

jim cornette says orange cassidy is a waste of tony kahn's money

AEW Signs Orange Cassidy

Last week, it was announced on “Being The Elite” that indy wrestler Orange Cassidy had signed to All Elite Wrestling. This brought on polarizing response from the Internet Wrestling Community. Some love the signing as fans love the character of Orange Cassidy. Others think he is an insult to professional wrestling given that the beginning of his matches start out with him very lightly kicking, slapping and punching his opponents.

Jim Cornette’s Response…

One of the people on the latter of the anti-Cassidy clan is Jim Cornette. A very vocal protector of “the business” and kayfabe believes that Orange Cassidy, or as he likes to call him “Pockets” due to him wrestling with his hands in his pockets, is a waste of Tony Khan’s money. He went on to say such things on episode 295 of “The Jim Cornette Experience Podcast”.

Who is Orange Cassidy and Why is He So Polarizing?

For those who don’t know Orange Cassidy, let me try to explain him to you. Orange Cassidy is a wrestler who uses a very unique style of wrestling he likes to call “Sloth Style”. As previously mentioned, he starts out his matches where he will attack his opponents ever so lightly to the point where his opponents, and possible fans new to watching him, think “What the f*ck?”.

However, after getting beaten severely by his opponents, he kicks it into gear and starts actually wrestling. Quite well, actually. It’s like the rope a dope of professional wrestling. A good point of reference to start, as many fans of his would say, is a match between him and David Starr. You can watch for yourself in the video below:

Now, he is not the first “comedy” wrestler and certainly not the last. We have R-Truth in WWE, Toru Yano in New Japan, Colt Cabana in Ring of Honor, but for some reason, Orange Cassidy is getting a similar response to that of John Cena at a WWE show. “Let’s go Orange” “Orange Sucks!”

Simply put it this way, do you see the “sloth style” as entertainment and something different or an insult of your intelligence? Is it someone not to be taken seriously or a major turn off to something that is supposed to look like a sport or simulated fight?

Will Orange Cassidy Get Over in AEW?

According to Ralph on this episode of the Squared Circle Psychobabble, Cassidy is a good wrestler, but he is not a fan of the character. However, it is something different and can see this getting over. On the other hand, I believe you only get one shot at a first impression. Fans of Cassidy are already hooked, but when the lapse fans AEW is trying to target are watching him for the first time on TNT, how would that translate? You only get one chance a first impression.

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