The good and the bad of the move to FS1 for NXT

As we all know NXT is very close to a move to the channel FS1 and this move will force NXT to make serval changes to its current product for the better and the worse for the developmental brand of WWE.

The Good

The NXT TV for a while has felt stale specially with their format of 1 hour of TV and the fact that is taped in advanced. Some of the episodes with this format can feel skippable and you can just read the spoilers and avoid the unimportant episodes. But in all fairness the booking of NXT has been consistently good as the developmental brand of WWE has the audience a costume to.

The move to FS1 will allow NXT once and for all become a live show. This change would help the NXT weekly show become a must watch show every week and bring more eyes to the show.

This change of format will allow NXT wrestlers that as of this moment have a limited amount of TV time to show their abilities to a wider audience and become bigger stars in the eyes of fans.

The Bad

NXT will compete directly with AEW’s weekly live show and this could mean that Vince McMahon would take control of NXT in several aspects such as creative in an attempt to end their competition. As we’ve seen a lot of people in social media are not happy about this possibility.

WWE trying to divide the audience on Wednesdays to hurt their competitor AEW could be a double edge sword if things are not handled correctly. Vince McMahon trying to end their competition could be an unhealthy thing for such great product like NXT currently is in the eyes of the fans and critics.

With this change of format NXT will mostly likely leave the comfort of Full Sail University and become a touring brand. This will make the schedule of NXT wrestlers heavier in the travel aspects more than ever.

The Future

Come October the wrestling world will change in a lot of aspects. With NXT changing their format and going to FS1 and AEW starting their weekly live show, we may end up watching a new wrestling war for ratings but instead of Mondays like we saw in the Attitude Era it will be on Wednesdays.

NXT future is a bit uncertain specially with all the moving pieces. If NXT only changes its format and keeps Triple H in head of creative NXT be fine in the short term and maybe long term as well. With all that’s happening in the wrestling bubble, this are good times to be a wrestling fan.