NXT Recap: Episode 519

Last week on NXT: Fandango made his return to a giant pop and saved Tyler Breeze from an attack by The Forgotten Sons. Cameron Grimes defeated Bronson Reed to advance to the finals of the Breakout Tournament in a sub-par match. Matt Riddle challenged Killian Dain to a match. Mia Yim talked shit to Shayna Baszler to build their championship feud. Candice LeRae gets what she wants and that’s a match against Io Shirai at Takeover. Pete Dunne got a win over Roderick Strong by way of finger submission.

Tag Team Championship Contract Signing

  • NXT has all the feuds ready for Takeover, but we are one episode away from the big event. It feels like a lot of place holding will happen here tonight.
  • It’s nice to see William Regal smile at the Street Profits entrance, you know he wanted to dance a bit but couldn’t because he’s a professional.
  • Street Profits stop Regal from introducing Undisputed Era, so that they can make fun of the team. O’Reilly Auto parts and Lawrence Fishburne Jr. is the name Street Profits give them.
  • “Auto Parts” chant to start off the contract signing.
  • Bobby and Kyle say that the Street Profits are not on their level. It’s going to be an easy win for the Era, they think.
  • Montez put over how often Undisputed Era are featured on NXT television and how they’ve beaten every team in NXT. Street Profits say losing is not an option for them. They are finally somebodies and they aren’t going to let that go.
  • Profits say that they will beat that ass and that is Undisputed.

And I’m Like… Sweet segment.. no one came to blows and the Profits put over the fact that losing isn’t an option. I feel like the Era is losing this match.

Joaquin Wilde vs. Shane Thorne

  • This match is happening because Shane Thorne said Joaquin Wilde isn’t impressive.
  • Shane lost a lot of luster when Nick Miller left NXT. It’s hard for Shane to develop a character. I am not sure what it is other than pretentious prick.
  • Wilde and Thorne have a feeling out process and Wilde is getting the better of Thorne. Wild tries to do his DJ air horn noise but it doesn’t catch on with the crowd. It’s weird how NXT neutered everything that made DJZ get signed. Now as Joaquin Wilde, he really is directionless and everything fun about his previous character is gone.
  • It doesn’t help that this is the last hour of the four hour taping, meaning the crowd is as dead as a 205 Live crowd.
  • This match is really off to me. It feels like each guy is waiting for the other guy to do a move, no crowd reaction and the story is really lacking. WWE Network shows have had a lot of cold matches lately.
  • Thorne is able to sucker Wilde out of the ring and then proceeds to throw Wilde into the ring post, stairs, ramp and apron. Wilde is ragdolling everywhere.
  • Thorne hit a running knee strike and got the win.

And I’m Like… That was a match that I’ve most recently watched, that’s all I can say about it. It’s kind of lame when there is no emotion or interest

Matt Riddle vs. Killian Dane

  • Finally a match I could get into…. but then Killian attacks Riddle before the match can start. Man NXT is really rough to watch this week. Just recaps of feuds and little to no action.

And I’m Like… I wonder when the will actually have a match?

We get a recap of the Breakout Tournament. Angel Garza and Joaquin Wilde had the best match of the tournament. Jordan Myles and Cameron Grimes are going to have the finals match at Takeover.

We get a recap of the reunification of Breezango.

A recap of the feud between Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole.

and that’s the fucking show… Wow… My two favorite WWE shows 205 Live and NXT really did not show up this week. I’m excited for Takeover, but still, this was a lame week for those two shows.

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