Matt Riddle Makes Reference To Doing Something To Brock Lesnar Over SummerSlam Weekend

Matt Riddle has developed a persona of not respecting certain wrestlers. He has famously called Goldberg one of the worst wrestlers ever, he recently started some beef with Chris Jericho which gave us meme material. He also promised to be the one to retire Brock Lesnar.

Riddle sent out a tweet earlier today, giving indication that an altercation between he and Brock might happen sooner rather than later.

Just so everyone knows I’ll be at takeover and summer slam this weekend, and if you think for one second I’m not going to do anything you’re insane bro! Buckle Up it’s gonna be a wild ride

Matt Riddle

Riddle left the MMA after building a record of 13-3 because UFC fired him for testing positive for marijuana. After spending some time on the indie scene, Riddle was signed to NXT and has been pegged as WWE’s next breakout star.

It looks like we will have to keep up with Riddles exploits on his social media, in case his threat to do something comes true.

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