205 Live Recap: Episode 141

Last week on 205 Live: After about a month of diddling around, The Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa defeated The Singh Brothers in a tag match. Lince Dorado beat the once “undefeated in 2019” Ariya Daivari in a singles match that really was just wrestling for the sake of wrestling. Drake Maverick and Mike Kanellis wrestled in an unsanctioned match after four plus months of build. This is technically one of Drake’s first ever matches in WWE, since he is the general manager, and he ended up getting the win.

Cold Open

Drake Maverick opens the show narrating that he was vindicated, but he never wants to wrestle in a 205 Live ring again. Drake says Kanellis is still welcomed to compete on 205 Live. So tonight is a six pack challenge number one contender match, winner faces Drew Gulak for the championship at Summerslam.

Humberto Carrillo vs. Lince Dorado

  • Cracks me up how Aiden English is to Humberto Carrillo as Corey Graves is to Mandy Rose/Alexa Bliss
  • Kalisto is missing from the Lucha House Party tonight because he is preparing for the six pack challenge. It’s weird how often Lince Dorado wrestles, he seems to be well liked by whoever books the show.
  • This match is happening because Lince Dorado says he doesn’t believe Humberto’s hype.
  • The match starts off with counter wrestling, fast paced counter wrestling. Dudes are matched evenly to start off the bout and seem to have mutual respect.
  • Even though it’s under the guise of WWE style wrestling, this is still a lucha match. That means the action is fast, the moves are crisp and the in ring story is non-existent. It’s always hard for me to write about these type matches because the main focus is on the moves the wrestlers perform.
  • On top of that this is a babyface vs. babyface match. Which means the crowd, which is usually already neutered because it’s 205 Live, is very quiet. Lince tries to wrestle “heel” by slowing the match down with wear down holds, but it doesn’t garner a crowd reaction.
  • One thing of note is Jessika Carr, the NXT female ref, had a main roster performance at the OB-GYN for the 24/7 championship and now is reffing this match. I think she was quietly called up.
  • These guys are doing a great job, having a fun match, but the crowd is deader than a door nail right now and it severely hurts the match.
  • A good near fall happens off of Lince missing a splash and Humberto hitting a springboard kick to Dorado’s head. Well, it should have been Dorado’s head but the kick was too high and Humberto’s foot hit Lince’s raised hand.
  • It wouldn’t be a 205 Live episode if two dudes weren’t fighting on the top rope. So we have a strike battle on the top turnbuckle with Lince trying to superplex Carrillo to the outside. Somehow Carrillo hits a missile dropkick on Lince off the top rope.
  • Both men are laid outside of the ring and both get counted out.

And I’m Like… Cold match with a weird finish. After the double count out, Carrillo argues with the ref, no announcement is made for quite a while, probably because Jessika doesn’t tell Mike Rome. The crowd is dead, no music hits. Carrillo gets mad and jumps out of the ring onto Metalik and Dorado. Real lame. One of the worst 205 matches in a while.

Tony Nese cuts a backstage promo about the six pack challenge. Every promo he has cut as a babyface is that he will win his match and he will prove himself. Dude is a great wrestler but has zero charisma.

Ariya Daivari catches Lince backstage and is trying to convert Lince to the darkside. Maybe that’s why Lince has had more singles matches and wrestled a bit meaner this week. Dorado says he won’t turn his back on Lucha House Party.

Kalisto cut a Twitter promo about how he knows what it is like to be champion and when he wins he will throw a party.

Jack Gallagher cuts a Facebook promo about how he has been pushed to his limits in 205 Live, and he is prepared to take it from Drew if he wins.

Oney Lorcan had a Facebook promo about how he has what it takes to win and at Summerslam Drew Gulak is getting a fight.

Akira Tozawa cuts a Twitter promo next to The Brian Kendrick. Guess what… Akira says he will win.

Number One Contender Six Pack Challenge

Kalisto vs. Jack Gallagher vs. Tony Nese vs. Ariya Daivari vs. Akira Tozawa vs. Oney Lorcan

  • During Tony Nese’s entrance, he said it was his birthday. That’s nice.
  • It’s good to see that Jack Gallagher got a title opportunity after losing to Chad Gable, who isn’t on the show.
  • It’s one fall to a finish and Daivari is the only heel, so he tries to walk out of the match but ends up getting beat up by all of the five other men. That’s too bad for him.
  • After a comedy spot that made Ariya look like a fool, the match breaks down and all men start fighting.
  • This match will not tell a story because it’s a multi-man match. It’s just going to be a bunch of movez. Everyone will be out of the way except for two dudes who do stuff. One guy will get hit with a big move and then another guy will come in. Sporadically a third or fourth man will come in for a spot o sequence. There will be a couple dives onto the whole group as well. 205 Live has a formula for these matches.
  • The one thing I can’t stand is how often all the dudes stand around waiting for someone to jump on them. Very contrived.
  • This match is a complete car crash, dudes are taking risky bumps and doing bonkers moves, the crowd reacts to the moves but not to the in between stuff.
  • Jack Gallagher is wearing his patented baby blues that highlights his hog, but Tony Nese is also wearing baby blues. I find that shit sacrilegious.
  • Big finisher fest happens and it ends with Oney Lorcan getting the pin on Tony Nese.

And I’m Like… sigh. I am stoked for Oney and Drew’s match, but this 205 Live was just wrestling for the sake of wrestling. I like a good match every now and again, but with no story behind it makes it really hard to get invested.

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