Is Seth Rollins On The Verge Of A Breakdown?

The self-proclaimed Beastslayer Seth Rollins has so much momentum, heading into his WrestleMania match against the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar. He was hell-bent on bringing the Universal Championship back to Monday nights in order to that though, he was faced with an insurmountable task ahead of him to “slay the beast” and march into Suplex City and “BURN IT DOWN!” 

At WrestleMania, Rollins did just that, but he had to endure an enormous amount of punishment to capture the Universal Championship albeit by the use of underhanded tactics. 

A few short months later at Money in the Bank, the Beast Incarnate shocked the WWE Universe when he emerged and won the Money in the Bank briefcase in the closing moments of the show. WWE gave us multiple teases, but no definite answer on if it would be the WWE Champion Kofi Kingston or the man that gave him his first defeat on The Grandest Stage of Them All since his return in 2012. 

All-the-while Rollins had his hands full in shutting up “insert city’s favorite son” Baron Corbin, who felt he deserved the Universal Championship. At Stomping Grounds, Corbin was given the right to pick a special guest referee. On the Go-Home-Raw Rollins in a frenzy blasted each and every possible candidate with a steel chair! 

Fast Forward to the pay-per-view when the special guest referee was revealed as his real-life girlfriend’s nemesis The Sassy Southern Belle Lacey Evans. Evans and Corbin tried every way possible to screw over The Beastslayer, but it didn’t work as The Man evened the odds which allowed Rollins to once again defeat his foe.

A Dose of His Own Medicine

For months his advocate Paul Heyman hyped the moment his client, would cash-in on the champion of his choosing. On the Go-Home-Raw for Extreme Rules, Heyman would give the WWE Universe “a spoiler” that The Beast in the Bank would indeed cash-in. 

Of course nobody believed Heyman, sure enough, after Rollins and Lynch’s Winners-Take-All Match against Corbin and Evans for the Universal and Raw Women’s Championship, The Beast in the Bank showed up and claimed his spot atop the mountain once more as THE REIGNING, DEFENDING, UNDISPUTED UNIVERSAL CHAMPION! 

Lesnar got the perfect revenge and retribution for Rollins’s heist of the century at WrestleMania 31, where he cashed-in on The Beast during his one-on-one match with The Big Dog Roman Reigns and stole the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. 

On July 15th Rollins won the first-ever Cross-Branded All-Star Top Ten Battle Royal to become Lesnar’s SummerSlam challenger for the Universal Championship. For weeks Rollins has been trash-talking the Beast Incarnate, claiming that he’s human and can lose the title just like anyone else. The Beastslayer also dubbed him “a Seth Rollins wannabe”, for waiting four years to return the favor.

Going Back To The Dark Side

On this past week’s Raw the Beast Incarnate responded back not in words, but in violent brutality when he caused Rollins’s match with Dolph Ziggler end abruptly. The Universal Champion took the so-called Beastslayer’s head off with a ferocious lariat. 

Lesnar also sent Rollins back to Suplex City free of charge inside and outside of the ring, The Beast Incarnate F5ed Rollins rib-first into the ring post. Things escalated dramatically when Lesnar brought a steel chair into the mix, with devastating chair shots and one more THUNDEROUS F5 rib-first onto a steel chair setup! WWE medical personnel came to Rollins’s aid as he was coughing up blood, as a satisfied Lesnar left the carnage with a huge smile on his face.

Shortly after The Beast Incarnate stopped the ambulance from taking Rollins to a medical facility, drug him out and delivered one final F5 rib-first to his bloody foe on top of the stretcher to leave no room for doubt that he is and always will be WWE’s Beast Incarnate! What’s interesting is that during Lesnar’s violent attack, the WWE Universe was chanting “one more time” to the heel instead of a sympathetic reaction for the babyface.

Everyone including myself believes that The Beastslayer will slay the beast in an without shortcuts at WWE SummerSlam and become a two-time Universal Champion, but it begs the question of what happens to Rollins if he fails? How will Rollins address the WWE Universe on letting them down? I don’t think it will happen all at once, but sooner than later we could witness a vengeful and irate Rollins turn his back on the WWE Universe once again!