How Paul Heyman Influenced This Week’s RAW

WWE RAW Executive Director Paul Heyman has more pull backstage than ever before and he has used it for a good purpose, which was evident on this week’s RAW.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Paul Heyman had a lot of influence on RAW this week.  One of the things that he was able to get rid of owing to his influence backstage was the direction of disallowing wrestling to take place during commercial breaks.

Heyman was able to get wrestling during the commercial breaks and remove the constant having to do run-ins to stop matches to hit breaks or elimination or 2/3 fall rules matches that come out of nowhere and make no sense.

This week’s RAW had two commercial breaks and this was certainly a welcome change as Vince McMahon had earlier decided that WWE would not have any wrestling when it was not being shown on WWE TV.

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