205 Live Recap: Episode 140

Last week on 205 Live: Raul Mendoza and Humberto Carrillo showed out against The Lucha House Part, demonstrating how strong the foundation of a 205 Live tag division is. Oney Lorcan destroyed a guy named Tony Isner. Isiah ‘Swerve’ Scott impressed the live crowd and everybody watching at home in a losing effort to Cruiserweight champion Drew Gulak.

Cold Open

A recap of the feud between Drake Maverick and Mike Kanellis. This feud has gone back five months and the first match between the two is tonight, in a non-sanctioned match. Mike is being constantly disrespected by his wife and Kanellis blames Drake Maverick for it.

Akira Tozawa and The Brian Kendrick vs. The Singh Brothers

  • This has been a month long lower tier feud. The Singh Brothers have a Bollywood gimmick where they prize their Bollywood award. After a couple singles matches and a little bit of disrespect, a tag team match happens.
  • This is the first tag match between the two teams.
  • The Singh Brothers gyrate soooo much. They gyrate their hips and their shoulders, it’s the most sexualized entrance in all of WWE.
  • Samir Singh started the match off in control, but too much gyration cause him to lose the advantage. Tozawa and Kendrick are doing quick tags with innovative double team moves. The match turns back in the Singh Brother’s favor after Samir tripped up Tozawa.
  • The second act of the match is mainly the Singh Brothers working over Tozawa. Akira gets a hope spot here and there but is continually getting beat down to build for the hot tag. This match is following a very simple structure.
  • Tozawa fights off the Singh Bros. to make the hot tag and Kendrick is able to single handedly take down both Singh’s.
  • The Singh’s get Tozawa to distract the ref and try to use a Bollywood trophy as a weapon. Miscommunication happens and Samir gets hit by Sunil. Tozawa and Kendrick are able to hit back to back finishers and get the win.

And I’m Like… This seems like the end of the feud, because if it isn’t this will get lame fast. There wasn’t much story behind this match and the match was wrestled well, but very by the book. Tozawa and Kendrick would be good opponents for Carrillo and Mendoza next.

Another sitdown segment with Humberto Carrillo. We’ve looked at his past and present, this one is about his goals for the future. Spoiler alert, he wants to be champion.

Lucha House Party cut a promo hyping Lince Dorado for his match against Ariya Daivari. They also talk about good Lucha things.

Lince Dorado vs. Ariya Daivari

  • When did Daivari start wrestling without his gold necklace. I always had an Eminem “Superman” joke lined up because Daivari refused to take his jewelry off. Now I can’t say it because there is no jewelry to not take off.
  • The match start with a short feeling out process and quickly turns into “whatever you can do I can do better”. That sequence ends with Lince Dorado attempting the Golden Rewind, but Daivari rolls to the outside and tries to walk away from the match.
  • Dorado chases after Daivari and is able to hit a couple good Lucha moves.
  • The match goes back Daivari’s way after Ariya shoved Lince Dorado off the top rope to the outside barricade. Lince is selling his right knee, which possibly means he legit banged it up because usually if it’s the story of the match, the left limb is what is injured.
  • The update on the network really messed with the audio sync. The referee will count one and you won’t hear the hand hit the mat until he is counting two. I wonder how long that will be a problem.
  • Daivari hits a reverse DDT and shortly after that, follows it up with a normal DDT and only gets two. Then Daivari plays to the crowd a lot by mocking Jerry Lawler to the ire of the Memphis crowd.
  • A strike battle ensues with Lince showing a lot of fire. Dorado is able to hit Daivari to the outside and land a top rope cross body.
  • Dorado chases Ariya to the inside, goes for a springboard something but gets caught with a super kick in the stomach. Daivari has tried to end this match multiple times but Lince Dorado has a lot of fight left in him.
  • Lince and Daivari both go for finishers but they keep getting countered. Dorado hits a last ditch effort kick to the head and is able to get a jackknife pin for the win.

And I’m Like… This was a cold match but it was fun to watch. I don’t know if this was a one off, or if this is the beginning of a feud. Hopefully the next time these two face off against each other, there will be a little more heat to the story.

Drew Gulak cuts a backstage promo about not having an opponent for Summerslam. Drew said that if Mike wins, he may earn a shot against Drew at Summerslam.

Unsanctioned Match

Drake Maverick vs. Mike Kanellis

  • As Drake Maverick makes his entrance in a 205 Live shirt and 205 Live theme music, Mike Kanellis attacks Drake from behind. I believe unsanctioned means weapons are allowed, or street fight.
  • Mike is decimating Drake Maverick before the match even begins. Mike rips up a fans sign that says “Maverick 24/7” because Maverick’s obsession with that championship was the catalyst to Mike Kanellis’ grievances.
  • Drake struggles to get into the ring after the vicious beat down. The ref says he won’t start the match, but Maverick tells the ref to ring the bell.
  • Once the bell rings, the pitbull that is Mike Kanellis attacks Drake and talks mad shit into Maverick’s ear.
  • Drake Maverick has not had a lick of offense in this match. It’s just Mike Kanellis beating Maverick from pillar to post.
  • Kanellis starts yelling at Maverick and at the commentary team, puts Maverick into an office chair and super kicks Maverick out of said chair.
  • Kanellis beats Maverick into the ring, puts a sleeper hold on and Maverick fights out. Drake’s offense has consisted of dodging Mike and Kanellis running into turnbuckles. Then Mike catches Drake and kicks the shit out of him again.
  • Kanellis finds the “Have you seen R-Truth?” flyers, reigniting his anger, because this is where it all started. Kanellis starts shoving the fliers down Drakes mouth. Drake notices the fliers and hat reignites his warrior spirit.
  • Maverick starts going ham on Kanellis, with punches, kicks and dropkicks.
  • Drake takes his belt off and starts whipping the hell out of Kanellis. Drake’s comeback has the crowd riled up. Drake hits a DDT onto the commentary table, and the table doesn’t break. It was vicious.
  • Drake climbs onto the barricade, goes for an elbow drop but Kanellis moved. Both men are on the floor, showing the effects of this battle.
  • As both men get back into the ring, the welts on Kanellis’ back are starting to show. Kanellis sets up for his finisher, but changes his mind. Mike is going for a cross powerbomb off the top rope.
  • Drake reversed it mid air with a hurricanrana. Maverick hits the Acid Drop and gets the win!!

And I’m Like… Maria was watching backstage and is super upset with Kanellis’ performance. The crowd is ecstatic for Maverick. Drake is one of the most talented wrestlers on the roster with his ability to make the fans empathize with his pain. This is far from the end of their feud because Mike Kanellis never stops complaining. Overall this as a pretty basic episode of 205 Live, hopefully the go-home episode will develop a challenger for Drew Gulak.

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