WWE Network Has Loads Of Bugs – Unattainable ICW Match – Possibly Part Of Tiered Network Plan

If you have the WWE Network, you have probably dealt with the latest update. In what was supposed to be a sleeker and easier design for the app, has been met with mainly frustration and complaints by users.

@WWENetworkChron has even compiled a list of all the bugs and problems across all platforms.

This is important when reading the rest of the items: Different devices are having different issues and as a result a bug on one device may not exist on another, and content may only appear on certain devices such as with Roku, for example.

Many WWE Hidden Gems are not yet available on the WWE Network and there is currently no WWE Hidden Gems folderof any kind. Some can be found via search but often do not work as of now.

The recently added Great American Bash shows from 1985 were added to the WCW PPV section despite not being PPV specials. These were previously only found in the Hidden Gems section.

The WWE Network now runs at 1080p. User reports state the overall quality of the videos are significantly enhanced and can properly run HD when applicable.

Many devices are having issues with audio syncing with the live stream and for video on demand. The audio and video will be a part by several seconds.

Chromecast is not working at all or not working in part with certain devices. This includes IOS and Android.
The WWE Network now offers a feature where a “Skip Intro” option is available with some programs.

Superstar Picks are available in one section however the filter is broken. Instead of filtering them by editions like seemingly intended, the options are “1”, “2”, “3”, “4”, “5”, and “6” with the videos in each filter having no rhyme or reason. This is likely a bug and eventually each filter will cover each edition of Superstar Picks.

Some shows or categories appear in multiple areas where relevant. For example, The Monday Night Wars appears in both Originals and in the WCW section of In Ring, making it more easy to find.

The WWE Worlds Collide section is missing the first edition of the series that took place in the beginning of the year. This video can be found via search however if you click it, the video is bugged and not accessible. Part one of the first Worlds Collide special which aired on Youtube has still not been added to the archives.

According to several users, the WWE Network archives’ audio have now completely reverted back to mono, however the live stream airs programs in stereo.

The upgrade has made taking screen shots quite difficult, as with most if not all devices, the UI now remains on screen when a video is paused. As a result, if you pause on a specific moment you will see the play button among other parts of the UI the entire time it remains that way.

Due to the change of the URL, all past hyperlinks no longer work and redirect to the main page of the WWE Network. Any bookmarked or saved URLs to programs from prior to the update will no longer work, including a wealth of links that can be found here on WWE Network News.

There are several reports over newly enforced stream limits. Some have stated they could run two or three different devices at the same time, although in my own personal experience, sometimes it allows two streams and other times it kicked me out if I had two going simultaneously, although that could have been a bug of some kind. The message given is “Sorry. You’ve reached your limit for concurrent streams”, and then the only option is to go back.

Certain folders do not appear on certain devices. For example, WWE Classic Series does not appear on Xbox One or Roku devices.

As a result of the aforementioned note, some series such as Heat are inaccessible or only available via search on some devices.
Some sections and folders cause apps to crash automatically. At times, entering the WCW section on the Xbox One or Comedy section on the same platform will cause the app to close out instantly. If done repeatedly, the section sometimes works.

Continued Watching has been re-added however with so many bugs and errors, it often doesn’t save where you left offand instead reverts back to a previous time.

Many users are experiencing an ‘invalid token error’. This causes the video to no longer be streamed. Additionally, when this happens the time left off of a program is sometimes lost.

WWE Network News

The complete list can be found over at WWE Network News as it is pretty extensive.

Another thing of note on the WWE Network is the supposed rumor of a tiered plan that the Network will have in the future. There will be a ‘Free Option’ a ‘$10 Option’ and a ‘$15 Option’, allegedly in the $15 Option, you’ll be allowed to watch various independent promotions that are affiliated with WWE. Which explains why the 10th Anniversary Evolve show aired on the Network recently.

Some U.K. Promotions have also been rumored to be apart of this deal. Including ICW out of Scotland. What is interesting is if you type ICW in your search function on the Network you get this

This weekend ICW had their annual event Shug’s Hoose Party 6, which featured WWE NXT UK’s Toni Storm and Piper Niven wrestle for the WWE NXT UK championship. As well as a myriad of WWE NXT UK wrestlers tweeting about the event or featured on the event.

There is a series called Fight Club which is unable to play video at this time and a match with Chris Renfrew, Kieran Kelly and more, which is an ICW match. Both of these unattainable links are ICW related, which could lead credence to the new tiered system coming soon.

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