NXT Recap: Episode 517

Last week on NXT: Matt Riddle and Arturo Ruos had a MMA inspired match that Riddle won, but then Riddle was attacked by the re-debuting Killian Dain, igniting a new feud for the bro. Mia Yim jumped Marina Shafir in a parking lot. Bronson Reed defeated serial killer Dexter Lumis in a first round match in the Breakout Tournament. Kushida picked up a win over visiting Apollo Crews in a banger of a match that reminded us how good Apollo actually is. Johnny Gargano surprise attacked Adam Cole.

Cold Open

Last weeks segment with Adam Cole’s NXT Championship challenge vs. Twan Tucker is shown. Where Twan walks onto the entrance ramp, but brought out Johnny Gargano. These two are having ANOTHER two out of three falls match. It’s a three stages of hell match. Meaning every fall has a stipulation.

Jordan Myles vs. Angel Garza

  • Jordan Myles does his Frankie inspired “SUUUUPER” pose during his entrance and Full Sail is there for it.
  • Angel’s music hits and the crowd is a lot louder than I thought they’d be. People love this dude, even though he is clowning on all the fans.
  • Angel went to shake Jordan’s hand but then walked passed Myles and showed off his abs. Izzy’s mom in the crowd was still standing and staring. Angel is an instant sex symbol and the crowd is split with dueling chants.
  • There is a few sequences that happen in a row that is all flips and counter wrestling. Myles gets the advantage for most of it, until Garza plays opossum on the outside and uses the ring apron to take Myles down. Garza destroys Myles, throwing him into the guardrail and stairs. Then Garza gets in the ring and does his most over move. Removing his own pants.
  • Myles can not get any offense in, he will get a pin attempt or a small strike, but Garza is able to shut that shit down quick.
  • Garza lands a superkick and Ranallo said “Some saliva going into the crowd” while Beth says ” are you sure that isn’t a tooth?” Which popped me a bit.
  • Myles finally gets a real comeback, rapid kicks into the corner, clotheslines and a sweep/dropkick combo ending with a discus clothesline. Then going for his finish, meaning his fifth move of doom. Myles goes off the top rope and Garza hits a mid-air drop kick. HOLY SHIT.
  • There is still some back and forth, then Myles hits a deadlift German and GETS THE WIN!
  • Shane Thorne goes on commentary and says that he is upset that there is a Breakout tournament when he is right here.

And I’m Like… That match was well wrestled, but the crowd wasn’t as hot for them as they were in the first round. Garza is a fucking star, hopefully he knows enough English for Vince to give him the proper spotlight. Myles might need a character outside of “smiles”.

Gargano has a promo where he says that his stipulation of choice is a “Street Fight”. Then ends it with “haha oh boy.”

Xia Li vs. Bianca Belair

  • Xia Li is low key becoming one of my favorites. Commentary has given her some back story, like how she was her villages protector and found out about wrestling. She brings a lot of diversity in the ring with martial arts style wrestling and genuinely seems like a good person.
  • I done been on the Bianca bandwagon since day one. She brings all the smoke and attitude.
  • Lately Belair has a new type of aggression that we have never seen from her. She starts off each match now with a brutal attack, to where the opponents can’t get one move in.
  • Bianca does moves that highlight her strength and follows that up with a handspring back flip, then a taunt. Showing us she has every tool in her tool box. She is basically squashing women who have proven that they are not enhancement talent.
  • Xia Li is able to land one kick which opens Bianca up for a few more, but Bianca’s attack is relentless and the match ended quickly after that.

And I’m Like… I wonder who is going to feud with Bianca next? She is laser focused to become champion and is unfuckwithable.

Killian Dain cuts a promo on Matt Riddle about how Riddle doesn’t belong in Dain’s world. Riddle came from MMA where it’s about discipline and in Dain’s world there is no discipline. He can’t wait to welcome Riddle to his world.

Mia Yim slams Jessamyn Duke’s arm with a locker door and leaves her writing in pain. Mia is a vigilante that is ensuring her championship match with Shayna Baszler is one-on-one. Which leaves Mia with no excuse if she loses, which means that Mia believes in herself enough to be ready to take that defeat if it happens.

  • Dream said he will only drop the North American championship when the Experience dies and Dream will go straight to hell. It was a weird way to start a promo.
  • Dream says even though Roderick can go all night long, he still isn’t big enough to “ride this ride.”
  • Dream calls out anyone who wants to face him, and Roderick Strong comes out. Roderick cuts a promo and all I can think of his how much of a douche nozzle Roderick is.
  • Roderick says he is the only challenger on this continent.
  • Pete Dunne’s music hits and the crowd loses their shit. I mean welcome Pete to NXT, but if NXT and NXT: UK exist in the same universe, Pete should be focused more on WALTER and Imperium than a Dream challenge.
  • Pete walks into the ring and breaks Roddy’s fingers quick without changing his facial expression.
  • Dream and Dunne don’t say a word and Dream walks to the back.

And I’m Like… Dream vs. Dunne is gonna be lit.

Roderick Strong then goes to the back to start yelling at Regal for bringing Dunne in to NXT. Regal says he was gonna have Roddy vs. Dream but now Regal is throwing Dunne into the mix. Strong wants to face Dunne next week so Dunne isn’t able to make it to Takeover.

Io Shirai vs. Kacy Catanzaro

  • I want to see Ricochet do reaction videos to Kacy’s matches.
  • Oh My God! Io’s new entrance is a fucking mood. Dark, brooding, sexy, seizure inducing all over a distorted bass line that overpowers the synth strings of her music. She is such a bad ass.
  • Io startst he match by drop kicking the shit out of Kacy. Two moves later and Candice LeRae hits the ring.
  • Candice gets some boo’s from the crowd for stopping a match but Candice is heated and brings a chair out to take on Io. Io walks to the back with a bit of fear in her eye.

And I’m Like… We have one hour of NXT and there are three meaningful women’s storylines. NXT knows how to maximize minutes and get you to care about everything. Good shit.

Adam Cole starts his promo off with putting over the rest of Undisputed Era saying they will win their championship matches at Takeover. Adam Cole’s stipulation is a ….. one-on-one match. What a heel. His stipulation is wrestling. His reasoning is that he beat Johnny in the first fall during their first match and beat Johnny for the strap in their second, both being straight up wrestling matches.

Damian Priest vs. Keith Lee

  • This match is happening because Keith was offended at how much attention Damian is getting while just debuting, when Keith didn’t get half the attention.
  • ‘The Archer’ Damian Priest comes out to his choir rock theme song, which is a shame since Taylor Swift just released her song about him.
  • Priest can never have a goatee or else he will look identical to Roman Reigns.
  • “When talking to Damian Priest all he talks about is living forever, he is a mystery” – Mauro Ranallo. Damian is a vampire is what he is saying, look for Priest to get a push when the new Blade comes out.
  • Damian invites Keith to attack, Keith throws a variety of blows but Damian bobs and weaves everything, even ducking under a jumping spin kick by Lee that impressed all.
  • Priest is dominating Keith once they start trading shots and moves. Keith can’t figure out how to attack Damian while Priest counters every attempt with a smile on his face.
  • This match is more shocking than anything. Damian has had the advantage for the first five plus minutes now, showing only confidence.
  • That is until Keith gets wrist control on Damian and doesn’t let go. Every punch Damian lands, Keith keeps wrist control and Damian’s facial expression changes from confidence to worry.
  • Keith finally gains control, but the crowd is just not there for it. This must be towards the end of the taping, usually happens to Full Sail during the taping. The 4th hour is the hardest to get the crowd involved.
  • Priest is able to hit a falcon arrow on Lee for two. Can’t believe someone kicked out of the falcon arrow.
  • KEITH LEE CAUGHT A FLIPPING PRIEST OVER THE TOP ROPE INTO A POWERBOMB POSITION!!! Nothing comes from it, but damn that was impressive as fuck.
  • Damian uses the referee as shield to stop Lee’s momentum and puts Lee away rather easily.

And I’m Like… Damian put Lee away rather easily. Outside of a few jaw dropping moments, it’s kind of disappointing how easy this was for Priest.

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