Discrepancy Over When Jerry “The King” Lawler Found Out About Fans Being Scammed

The last few days have not been kind to Jerry Lawler. To bring you up to speed. Jerry Lawler had a podcast with Glenn Moore on Pod Avenue, Moore’s podcast company, called “Dinner With The King”. The podcast had 90 episodes over about two years. Dinner With The King was a weekly show and then on May 16th, it abruptly ended.

Jerry appeared on a radio show to discuss a myriad of topics, and his podcast hiatus was brought up. The podcast conversation happened about 14 minutes into the interview. Jerry said that the hiatus was happening because Jerry and friend of nine years Glenn Moore had a falling out. Lawler wouldn’t elaborate on the situation, other than saying that Moore had done some terrible things.

Jerry then sent out a tweet saying that a new podcast will be coming out soon, with a new co-host.

This tweet lead to some fans commenting on being scammed by Glenn Moore. Which lead to numerous stories published on Bodyslam.net about the fans and how they were scammed. Around the same time WMC5 had a story about one fan, Jason Lurie, who was taken for around $1500 by Glenn.

After that, more fans came out with similar stories. This prompted Jerry to send out a tweet saying

Which lead to MORE fans coming forward. One that was really tragic was that Ali’s Rae of Hope Foundation a pediatric cancer foundation said that they too were scammed.

Then, Jerry Lawler appeared on Local Memphis 24 to share more details into the story.

A few weeks ago, or a month or so ago, I get a letter from a lawyer, who was representing a fan of mine. Another guy who I’ve done some commission artwork for. In this letter he explained that this fan had paid over $1,500 to my podcast host, to his own PayPal account for artwork. But, I was completely unaware of it. Then suddenly maybe 6, 10 or 15 more fans came forward saying they also ordered commission artwork or some memorabilia, some Raw worn shirts that this guy was selling basically online. He as taking money from people and I never knew anything about it. So you know, they weren’t getting their artwork or their memorabilia. Finally it all came to life, and this guy now has shut his phone off, I haven’t had any contact with him since May 17th and nobody can find him.

Jerry Lawler

Here is were the discrepancy lies. Jerry mentioned he stopped talking to Glenn Moore on May 17th, which lines up with the podcast hiatus since May 16th. Jerry claims to have not known anything about it, but Bodyslam has gotten a screenshot from April where Jerry’s girlfriend Lauren was told via Facebook that the scam was happening.

This means that Jerry was made aware of the scam by Glenn Moore one month before they quit speaking to each other. On top of that, The Dinner With The King twitter account was still trying to make deals with fans up until last week.

Granted it’s been said that Jerry had no control over the podcast Twitter account. But, the timelines are not matching up with what is being said.

As previously written in an earlier article, Mr. Lurie is confused as to how Jerry was unaware of the situation up until the middle of May. Why Jerry waited to warn fans until this past week about the scam, if he has known since May. As we can see from the Dinner With The King account, fans were still being scammed and believing that Jerry was willing to give them artwork or memorabilia.

Here’s the baffling part which I don’t get… in the interview Jerry says he parted ways in Dec with Glenn. That means he was fired. Where did all my cert mails and legal letters go to that were delivered to his house in March and May. Initially JL told reporter that Glenn lived in the house and must have intercepted mail. Well that makes no logical sense. You don’t let your ex agent live in your house if you fired him. Then he said that Glenn controlled his twitter and FB account for a long time. I can’t imagine Lauren, being younger and more tech savvy, being ok with this arrangement. So, there are lots of holes in the story that need to be filed in. But we are making progress.

Jason Lurie

Another fan tweeted out speculation of Jerry’s knowledge of the situation regarding the cancer foundation.

Jerry has stated that he will try to make things right with fans, but as of this writing not one fan who has been scammed has been contacted in any way shape or form to correct the situation.

Hopefully, when Lawler’s new podcast starts next week, we can get he air cleared and find out the truth behind this giant mess. We have reached out to Jerry through Twitter but have yet to receive response.

Thank you to Jason Lurie and @Leaddriver405 for help with this story.

PO Box 2181 Mt. Juliet, TN 37121-2181 https://alisraeofhope.org/ @RaeofHopeFnd are ways to contact the Ali’s Rae of Hope Foundation.

Thank you to Llama Drama for helping me out on this article. They are continuing investigating into Glenn Moore.

We here at Bodyslam will do our best to let everyone’s voice be heard, if you or someone you know has been scammed by Glenn Moore, there are a couple things you can do to fight back.

File reports/complaints with PayPal or credit cards to try to get that started. Save what info you have but the most important thing is to file a police report in their area. It will then be forwarded to his local PD. You can file a complaint with the FBI Cyber Crimes, or reach out to Jerry Lawler. Only problem with reaching out to Jerry is that there isn’t a surefire way to get ahold of him. 

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