NXT Recap: Episode 513

Last week on NXT: Undisputed Era opened the show with a promo.. Which isn’t the normal NXT m/o. Velveteen Dream, Tyler Breeze and Matt Riddle showed up to talk at them and eventually made a match for later in the show. Damien Priest quickly dispatched of Raul Mendoza. The Breakout Tournament was announced. Xia Li defeated Taynara Conti in a fun developmental match. Undisputed Era won the main event, even though Bobby Fish got his jaw broke by Velveteen Dream.

Cold Open

A recap of Shayna Baszler and Io Shirai’s feud in NXT. Not to be confused with their feud in Stardom.

NXT Breakout Tournament

Joaquin Wilde vs. Angel Garza

  • I was debating talking about their careers prior to WWE, but this is new them with new names.
  • Joaquin Wilde says he almost died in 2015 but he only has one life to live and he is gonna live it to it’s fullest.
  • Angel Garza says he is beautiful and has the perfect body. He has so much experience too, as well as the cousin of Humberto Carrillo.
  • Angel comes out, shows some heel behaviour before kissing NXT’s Resident Grandmother Anita Smith’s hand. Some girls actually gasp for air while holding their breath after seeing his beautiful looks up close.
  • This match starts off super quick with both men getting TONS of shit in. I can barely keep up with Wilde’s offense. It’s super lucha style. Garza turns the match around after doing a pop up penalty kick.
  • Garza then rips his pants off, Beth Phoenix’s voice goes up a few octaves and she says “Oh MY” While the crowd gets real loud and you can hear audible screams. It’s the Okada leg reveal, NXT style. Garza is sexy is what I’m saying.
  • The same fan that cold not believe the sight of Garza is now taking video! This is wild.
  • Speaking of Wilde, he tries to fight back by reversing the straight jacket hold, first try to no avail. Then Wilde rolls backwards over Angel’s body and is able to reverse it. The comeback starts after that.
  • There is legit five moves that I have never seen in a WWE/NXT ring that happened in this match. These dudes are shooting their respective move loads all over each other.
  • These two dudes fight on the top rope for a bit. Angel hits a Spanish fly off the top rope and Wilde kicks out. The crowd goes berserk. Like a crazy pop from that near fall.
  • Garza then hits a butterfly buttbuster for he win. Standing ovation from the crowd.

And I’m Like… Banger. Garza is a STAR! He already has everything needed. Like once you see him you will know. Joaquin is just as good but his star wasn’t as bright as Garza tonight. Wilde will do a great job on 205 Live I am sure. Angel as well, but it looks like the main roster is where Garza will flourish, if he is allowed of course.

Kushida gets a vignette where he speaks Japanese with subtitles. It’s mainly about how excited he is to wrestle the whole roster, from NXT to WWE. He seems very humble and super likeable. He ends the promo in English. I hope nothing but the best for this man.

Damien Priest cuts an after match promo that his name will live forever.

Forgotten Sons vs. Street Profits

  • The Street Profits entrance at Full Sail is something to cherish. I will miss it so much when they are gone. The way their music builds ad the NXT crowd’s noise increases. The red solo cups in the air and the energy. Anita Smith even holding it high, screamy super fan that sings the lyrics with a Street Profit flag. It’s so special, I nearly get goosebumps at the energy that emanates from the screen.
  • You know how I know the Forgotten Sons are great heels. My emotions legit change when their music hits.
  • Street Profits grab some microphones. Profits talk to themselves like Forgotten Sons are not in the ring. Angelo Dawkins does a “Wooooow” and “That ain’t how we livin'”. Dawkins has catchphrases out the ass right now. God, the Profits are so good. They have the IT factor. I just fear when they advance to the main roster. They are a tag team after all.
  • This match isn’t sanctioned as a championship match, but Profits said they will put their belts on the line for this match.
  • Blake and Cutler are in control of the match and beating down Ford. Montez gets the hot tag after Cutler is distracted by Dawkins. The crowd doesn’t really respond, but Dawkins is killing it,taking out both members of The Sons in the ring.
  • Profits have the match won, but of course Ryker interferes like he always do and the match is thrown out.

And I’m Like… The one negative to The Forgotten Sons is having Ryker at ringside. He ends matches so often that it’s hard to get invested in their actual match because there is rarely a finish. Lorcan and Burch come out to save The Street Profits. Sons walk away. Kind of a flat segment. Burch and Lorcan hold the tag belts, showing that they are gunning for the Profits now.

Bourne and Boujee cut another condescending promo. They cut the same type of Lacey Evans, better than you promo.

Keith Lee vs. Nykos Rikos

  • Besides having the Greekiest name ever, Rikos has crazy gear. Like the craziest gear. It’s half Zack Ryder, half Andre the Giant but with a full sleeve. It’s like some BDSM wrestling gear or something.
  • Keith Lee is dominating but I can’t get over Rikos gear. Like why i that shit allowed?!?
  • There is no good photo of his gear either.

And I’m Like… That fucking gear though!!! Keith Lee wins in less than a minute o something. Whatever happened to Dijakovic?

Adam Cole gets an Evolution type hype package about how he is traveling the world in a private jet, winning matches and shit.

NXT Women’s Championship

Shayna Baszler (c) vs. Io Shirai

  • Ronda Rousey was so excited for this that she tweeted and deleted that she was ready for Takeover!
  • This is the first ever women’s cage match in NXT.
  • This match starts with some grappling. Shayna is the Queen of that shit but Io thinks she has a chance.
  • Shayna gets control early and starts toying with Io.
  • Shirai is selling the effects of the first hard kick Shayna lands on her. Io has control for a bit, but goes to climb the cage and Shayna gets advantage again. The crowd is chanting for Shayna, as Baszler viciously throws Io into the cage. The quiet portion of the crowd speaks the fuck up with “Let’s Go Io” chants.
  • Io is just fighting to stay alive at his point, Shayna is alternating between strikes and cage attacks. Io gets a small package in here or there, but her offense is moot. Shayna has a chance to win, looks at the cage door but decides to pin Io instead. Shayna at the moment, will not take the easy way out.
  • It’s time for the submission magician to show us her tricks. Io is getting stretched out like she’s committed crimes in medieval times.
  • Some fire was lit in Io after a submission and she began turning it up a notch. Shirai is showing her viciousness with cage attacks, strikes and suplexes. Shayna seems to be surprised by this and isn’t sure how to defend just yet.
  • Io is attempting a fucking moonsault from the top of the cage, then turns it into an escape attempt. Shayna runs to catch her and applies the Kirafuda Clutch on the top rope. Io gets thrown from the top and then is able to hit an avalanche German suplex. Got damn that was crazy.
  • The crowd has gone from cheering and chanting to just watching. This match is captivating. Once the wrestlers alow this match to breath, the crowd is back into it.
  • Shirai has the match won, she is near the door but then The Horsewomen come out to stop it. Shirai kicks the door open and knocks the referee and Horsewomen down. I feel legit angst at these women for stopping Shirai. NXT is one of the only shows out there to make me feel actual emotions multople times a week.
  • Candice LeRae shows up and starts taking the Horsewomen down like she is Mario and they are Koopa’s on a fence. Jessamyn gets in the ring to roll Shayna out. Shirai is climbing down from the top of the cage. It’s a race to the outside until SHIRAI MOONSAULTS FROM THE TOP OF THE CAGE! Her hatred got in the way of her victory but damn what a moment. This match is giving me anxiety!
  • Candice before the moonsault, dove off the top of the cage onto Jessamyn Duke. Like we just got two cage jumps. Four bodies are on the ground in the ring. Shayna stops Io from crawling out of the door. Both women are SCREAMING when they are stopped They want to win so bad. I got so close but then got choked out by Shayna.
  • God… I can’t believe how good this match is. This is everything Kofi and Dolph wanted their match to be. This match is fucking beautiful and makes me so happy to be a wrestling fan.
  • Io fights off the choke by using the door to knock Shayna out. Shayna’s lifeless body legit falls out of the ring and she wins. The crowd is stunned. I am stunned. We all wanted Io. The camera cuts to a fan smiling saying “that was great”. I know dude. It was.

And I’m Like… Fuck.. That could subjectively be one of the best matches to happen at Full Sail. These women get it. These women understand how to manipulate emotions while building a match. They can tell a story but not make it obvious. This match you guys! You need to seek it out if you have a chance, cause fuck.

The Horsewomen walk away. Candice tries to help Io, but Io loses her shit. She is so angry and can’t control herself. She is now destroying Candice. Io gains control of her emotions but then grabs a chair and fucks up Candice’s day. Io is the best y’all. She is Asuka but with human emotions, not just a kill machine. This is soo good. Io is soooo good. Io ends the attack by suplexing Candice onto an open chair. A serene smile washes over Io’s face. Like she has finally released all the emotions that were holding her back. Shirai has learned through Shayna that you need to be a piece of shit to get to the top. This is Ciampa/Gargano all over again. I AM READY FOR THIS!!!

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