MLW Fusion Recap Episode 63: Tom Lawlor & Von Erichs vs. CONTRA Unit

Last week on MLW: Flamita debuted and defeated Rey Horus in a lucha match. Low Ki knocked out Ricky Martinez to win their match. Mancer and Sami Callihan had a banger of a match, and the biggest news to come out of the episode is Sami Callihan being fired for spitting on Jim Cornette.

Cold Open

The show starts with Jimmy Havoc and Salina De La Renta having a funeral for Sami Callihan. MLW is petty y’all.

Teddy Hart vs. Richard Holliday

  • MJF and Ariya Blake come out so MJF can do commentary.
  • Rich Bocchini says Aria Blake has been missing because she was sent to a “plaza hotel finishing program” but she failed twice. THANK YOU RICH! Just one explanation is all we needed to explain her absence and why she is back. That makes so much sense that she’d fail because she was fucking Joey Janela in MJF’s locker room before she hooked up with MJF. I was wondering why MJF wasn’t all over Ariya and making out last time they were together, but now they are. It’s cause MJF is real life single.
  • As Teddy makes his entrance he was talking shit to MJF. Holliday shows up from behind and takes out Hart. Then MJF takes Teddy’s middleweight championship and knocks Hart down. The Dynasty steals Hart’s championship and run off.

And I’m Like… That was a fun angle, but instead of having a match they have to cut to “why” Sami Callihan was fired. It’s wild that they still have Sami all over their program. Cornette is barely talking, they don’t bring up Cornette getting spit on either.

Mance Warner is cutting a promo about how he is drinking and thinking. Mancer says he is pissed because Salina used Mancer as a pawn. Mancer is a simple man and Salina and her boys are all about fancy things. Mancer says he is now a man hunter for Salina and her group. Jimmy Havoc is a part of her group now.

Jordan Oliver vs. Isiah Velasquez

  • Jordan Oliver cuts just a white trash promo, while his theme music is the beat to “Guilty Conscience” by Eminem. It’s such a trashy vibe, I love it.
  • The reason this match is happening is because the Richard and Teddy match did not happen. These guys are the swing bout.
  • Velasquez didn’t even get an entrance, so you can tell Oliver is going to win. Oliver is the young hot prospect but is coming straight out of what was cool and bad ass in the early 2000’s. Dude is like 19 so he just googled “what was cool when I was born”. If he was supposed to be a 2019 trash bag, he would have died his braid’s a different color, tatted up his face, grills of some sort. He would look like your typical Soundcloud rapper and not an extra in an 8 Mile battle scene.
  • Oliver is actually getting his ass kicked more than I thought he would.
  • Jordan references that the referee’s were crooked, is what he was told. Which eludes to Myron Reed and Rich Swann. During the match you see Myron Reed walking around with a #JUSTICE sign. So they probably hooking up soon.
  • Jordan Oliver won.

And I’m Like… This match was really fast but Velasquez and Jordan got their shit in. Which makes sense because this match was a swing match, that only happens if the timing of the show is off. I am interested in seeing what happens with Oliver in the future.

Lots of recap videos, Flamita vs. Rey Horus from last week, a replay of Holliday and MJF stealing Hart’s belt. This is what MLW does when they try and stretch out their taping to more episodes. I remember one episode where Lucha Bros. got attacked by Contra Unit and they showsed that shit almost five times in one episode.

Low Ki vs. Tom Coffey

  • Jordan Oliver and Low Ki weigh the same. 173 lbs. Joe Coffey is 238 pounds.
  • Cornette says Low Ki asked for “the biggest guy you got”. Which is a dude who is 238. That means Barrington Hughes and Ace Romero definitely aren’t there.
  • Low Ki wins the match with one move. The crowd wasn’t pleased. Low Ki cuts a promo that isn’t slow and plodding. It’s probably the best promo he has cut in MLW. He calls out Contra Unit.

And I’m Like… The promo was longer than the match. Low Ki says he is solely focused on Contra Unit.

Contra Unit cuts a promo on Tom Lawlor. We see the Lucha Bros. being attacked!! hahaha. Contra Unit says they will massacre Lawlor and The Von Erichs.

A video package for Dr. Wagner Jr. he will be showing up to MLW soon. To some generic rock music to boot.

ANOTHER replay of The Dynasty stealing the middleweight championship, smfh.

Contra Unit vs. Tom Lawlor and The Von Erichs

  • This match will be chaos because it’s a tornado tag match. Contra Unit is antagonizing the crowd and saying “you fucking piece of shit” and stuff. Gotch s going face to face with some guy in the crowd, who is trying to be a badass but he is visibly scared. Pretty cool. Jacob Fatu is the star and everyone knows it. Once he signs to WWE, I worry for Josef Samael. Simon Gotch is kind of the same dude every where he goes. This dude waterboarded a guy in a match you know? Contra Unit is wild.
  • Tom Lawlor and The Von Erich’s come out and attack Contra Unit from behind. Von Erich’s show up and impress rather quickly. The claw is applied to Simon Gotch and Samael. Tom Lawlor takes Jacob out with a chair, but Jacob shrugs it off and saves his teammates.
  • If it wasn’t for Fatu, Contra Unit would have lost already. Cornette says that it’s a no disqualification match, right when a chair is brought to the ring. Thanks Corny, but shouldn’t that have been advertised before hand?
  • Fatu sold beer to the face more than any attack. The action is fast and furious. Not one team is in control. Just camera cuts back and forth of Lawlor beating on Fatu, Samael beating on Russ Von Erich. Crowd reacting to moves. They were hot for the beginning but now kind of died down.
  • Contra tapes Lawlor’s wrist to the turnbuckle post. So now its 3-on-2.
  • Lawlor isn’t even tied up for a minute before a referee cuts him free. Tom Lawlor walks to the back and breaks a board over Fatu’s head. Fatu no sells it like Meng no sold wooden chairs. So Lawlor just kicks him in the nuts.
  • Fatu, right before that went for his moonsault on Russ but Marshall dove on top of his brother to save him. Lawlor and The Von Erich’s get the win after a Claw Slam.
  • The teams keep fighting though and the camera just cuts to the crowd applauding and cheering. When we go back to the action in the ring, those same fans are not clapping.

And I’m Like… This match ends in chaos. I feel like this is building to MLW’s War Chamber. The brawl is much cooler because Lawlor’s music is playing while Contra and company are still fighting. Contra takes out all the refs and agents. Von Erich’s are celebrating in the ring while the crowd chants MLW, The Von Erich’s looked like stars in this match. The show goes off the air with this brawl still going on. Weapons and shit, good shit. A referee is put thru a tabe and Rich does a Joey Styles “OH MY GOD”! This just won’t stop but it’s really fun.

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