How Vince McMahon Informed Everyone That There Will No Longer Be Wrestling During Commercial Breaks

On this week’s episode of WWE Monday Night RAW we got to experience WWE’s latest.. experiment, no.. decision? Whatever you want to call that fact that matches will not take place during commercial breaks, and that action restarts once the show comes back from commercials.

It is different, to say the least as we got to experience first hand last night. While the decision doesn’t seem to make much sense to a lot of fans, it also apparently didn’t make sense to a lot of the members involved in the meeting when the decision was made.

According to Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Radio, he was told that Vince McMahon held a random meeting last Monday and apparently just casually and nonchalantly throws out that decision that there will be, “no more wrestling during the break” and continued to move on with the meeting. This then left everyone in the meeting confused and without any explanation.

Alvarez stated:

“The way it was described to me was there was a meeting last Monday and Vince did the meeting and it was described that he just threw it out there like nonchalantly like ‘No more wrestling during the break’ and moved on and everyone was like, ‘What?’ So I would not be surprised if he drops this idea like really quickly because it just seems like you’re gonna kill the live crowd. Like there’s no quicker way to kill the live crowd then say we’re going to have a best of three falls match, do like a two minute match and then the crowd just has to sit there for four minutes in the dark while you wait for the commercial to end so they can start the second fall.”

We were able to see how WWE appears to be approaching this new Vince McMahon decision to not have any matches taking place during commercial breaks on the latest RAW. We will just have to see how this pans out from week to week it seems.

We will keep you updated if we hear anything else about WWE’s new no action during commercials policy, or other changes or issues backstage if they become known.

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(Thanks to Ringside News or the quotes in this article.)