Seth Rollins Doubles Down On WWE Having The Best Wrestling On The Planet

WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins is not she when it comes to his opinions. He drew a lot of attention to himself when he sent out a tweet claiming that WWE has the best wrestling on the planet.

This tweet was followed by many reactions. The biggest one coming from one of the top contenders in WWE’s rival AEW.

Seth was quiet until after Stomping Grounds, where he doubled down on his comments and responded to a few people who disagreed.

As you know, wrestling is subjective. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion as to what flavor of wrestling they think is the best. Obviously Seth since his brand is number one, and being the champion, it’s great to see a leader in the locker room standing up for the locker room he leads.

What do you think about the comments? Is Seth right that WWE is the best wrestling product in the world? If not, what company holds that mantle?

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