Joey Janela Does Super Humman Elbow Drop

Wrestling is a weird and wild place. Some people might spend 10-20 years growing an audience and perfecting their craft and never really make a name for themselves. While others might post a few videos of them saying “woop woop, fuck this shit” while diving onto objects and get over more than most wrestlers going today.

The latter can be attributed to Super Humman. A twenty year old man who has posted a number of videos of him dedicating his jumps to “Juggalos and Juggalettes” then saying “don’t try this at home” followed by a “woop woop” then takes his shirt off and screams “fuck this shit”. I’m sure most people have watched the videos. But the world is smaller than you think and Joey Janela has proved that.

As you can see, Super Humman has released a good number of these videos as his popularity grows.

This weekend AEW’s Joey Janela tried to recreate the Super Humman elbow drop during his match against Joey Ryan. As you can hear, the crowd quickly caught on to the spot and all chanted the “fuck this shit” catchphrase.

So many people enjoyed this, that there is talks of these two stars working together in the future.

Look for the collision in the near future. Who knows Super Humman might be the next breakout star next April when Joey Janela’s Spring Break 4 comes around.

Woop Woop.

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