Chris Brookes Wrestles In A Pool For DDT And Does A Figure Four Leglock Down A Waterslide

Dramatic Dream Wrestling is unlike any promotion to ever exist in wrestling. They have had anal explosion deathmatches, they have had blow up dolls wrestle wrestlers, giant pandas- basically if you can conceive it, DDT has probably done it.

Recently there was a 5-Way Tag Match in a pool.

Daisuke Sasaki and Tetsuya Endo vs Takeshita Miyukinokai & Katsumata Madokaba vs HARASHIMA & Hirata Ichiki vs Chris Brooks & Watase Mizumoto vs Michael Nakazawa & Ihashi TsuyoshiFutoshi

Forgive me for lack of information about the match, but I do not speak Japanese. What I do understand is GIF and video, below is some of the craziness from this match.

Notice how the figure four is reversed while going down the slide, this reverses the pressure of the move and makes it so Brookes is the one in pain.

Just a reminder that wrestling is fun and better than anything else that you like.

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