205 Live Recap: Episode 134

Last week on 205 Live: The best episode in the history of 205 Live happened. Chad Gable and Jack Gallagher wrestled a banger of a match that ended all weird. The supposed ending wasn’t supposed to be a count out victory for Gable, but it was. The Singh Brothers won a “hard fought victory” over Dos Locals. Drew Gulak and Akira Tozawa both won the fatal four way match for the number one contendership of the cruiserweight championship. It was a superplex and both men had their shoulders down while pinning the other man. The crowd went crazy, “205 Live” chants and all that noise. It was truly fantastic.

Cold Open

Drake Maverick narrates the crazy finish to last weeks show. Drake says the final decision has been made. At Stomping Grounds, there will be a triple threat match. Drew Gulak vs. Akira Tozawa vs. Cruiserweight champion Tony Nese.

The Singh Brothers vs. Lucha House Party

  • The Lucha House Party was feuding with Lars Sullivan, but now that he is injured, this match will happen.
  • Poor LHP, they always are getting feuds on the main roster, then the feuds unceremoniously end. The Lucha House Rules bit and now the Lars bit.
  • The Singh Brothers are now saying they are Boscar winners. Which means they won an Oscar in Bollywood.
  • The crowd seems excited and ready to watch some fantastic wrestling. There are also some brand new camera angles debuting on 205. The camera cut to these angles multiple times in the beginning of the match. It’s farther away and in the crowd a bit, also the hard cam is high and in the corner for a few shots. I really like them.
  • Lucha House Party are taking apart The Singh Brothers. I’m trying to pay attention to the match, but right now I am getting used to these new camera angles. It’s almost jarring because WWE has done the same type of camera angles for years, and now it’s a breath of fresh air where it almost feels like a different company.
  • Drake Maverick is not at the show because he won the 24/7 championship earlier in the night and next week he is getting married apparently. I really hope the championship changes hands at his wedding.
  • The Singh Brothers slowed the match down a little bit with some chinlocks. Kalisto is on the outside, getting the crowd excited and clapping.
  • This seems to be a basic tag team match, with everything revolving around the hot tag. So it’s just Lince Dorado getting his ass kicked and not being able to tag.
  • Samir Singh spends some time gyrating and gets caught by Lince with the Golden Rewind, handspring cutter.
  • Metalik comes in like a house afire and single handedly takes out both Singh Brothers.
  • Sunil grabs Penelope the pinata and the Lucha House Party are super distracted by it. We don’t get to see much of it though because commentary is going over the instant replay while the main part of the finish happens.

And I’m Like… That match reminds me of typical 205 Live match. The crowd was kind of excited but there wasn’t much in the terms of story. 205 Live really excels when they combine the athleticism with the story telling. Then again this match featured Lucha House Party and lucha isn’t known for storytelling much.

Noam Dar is in “Magaluf” rehabbing his knee and cutting a promo. That is until The Brian Kendrick shows up. Kendrick plays along with what Noam is saying and then Kendrick says “I have to catch a private jet to get back to California for my match. It starts in two minutes.”

Russ Taylor vs. The Brian Kendrick

  • The Brian Kendrick offers to start the match with a handshake but Russ hits Brian’s hand away. That angers Brian.
  • Then Russ offers a handshake and Brian hits Russ’ hand away. That angers Brian..
  • The match is officially underway and it seems Kendrick is being more aggressive than usual. A possible heel turn might be in the works. Commentary brings up how The Brian has been able to mentor Tozawa for almost a year and Akira gets more championship matches than Brian.
  • Kendrick wins a squash match and shows off more than usual. Dude is very cocky. It looks like a lot of the Hoodslam roster is sitting in the front row.

And I’m Like… These mid-show squash matches are love or hate. The 205 roster is kind of small, so it’s nice to see these showcase matches to have all the attention on one superstar. It also makes the other two matches stand out more.

A replay of Gallagher and Gable from last week. Jack is interviewed in the back about his loss last week. Jack says that there is unfinished business. Mike and Maria Kanellis walks in to the interview, calls Jack an embarrassment and calls Drake Maverick and embarrassment as well. Kanellis calls Jack “dead weight”. Then Kanellis’ talk about how hard WWE is trying to keep them on the roster. Alluding to their new 5 year contracts. Jack challenges Mike Kanellis to a match next week.

Ariya Daivari vs. Oney Lorcan

  • This feud started during the fatal five way match a month ago. Oney hit Daivari so hard, Daivari’s ear started bleeding. Then they had a match and Oney won. Last week there was a fatal four way match and Daivari interfered by hitting Oney with a chair.
  • Oney comes out during his entrance and disrobes his entrance gear before getting in the ring. The second the bell rings, Oney attacks Daivari who hasn’t even removed his own entrance gear. Oney knows how to start a match off hot.
  • Daivari is trying to escape by hopping the guardrail but Oney won’t let him go. This early portion of the match is all Lorcan. Lots of aggression, but in a way that is different than Brian Kendrick’s earlier aggression. Oney is always the most intense and doesn’t really show face or heel characteristics. His alignment really depends on who he is wrestling.
  • Daivari hits a top rope “Divorce Court” which is similar to an arm DDT. Oney has his right elbow all taped up, so Daivari zeroes in on Lorcan’s left arm. Hard to win a match with no arms.
  • Oney is attempting his normal suplexes but his arms are already too weak. The crowd is a lot quieter than last week, but that’s because most of these matches are much slower than last week. We are back to normal 205 Live, which shows how special last week was.
  • Daivari gets the Million Dollar Dream on Oney, Lorcan is slowly fading out but the crowd is showing zero support for him. This is really a 205 throwback match.
  • Oney is really selling the left arm, while the right arm is taped up. So his “good arm” is worse than either of Daivari’s arms. I don’t remember seeing a “working over a limb” story like this before.
  • Daivari gets overzealous and taunts on the top rope before a splash. Oney has time to roll out of the way and start up his comeback.
  • The crowd stirs a little bit and starts clapping as Oney really REALLY tries to get them into it. Oney starts chopping with his good arm, but the second he sells his bad arm, Daivari gets one shot it.
  • The strike battle starts a little bit, but once Ariya gets an advantage he taunts again, which leads to a half and half suplex by Lorcan.
  • Daivari says “fuck it” and grabs a chair to take out Lorcan.
  • Ariya keeps the punishment going throwing Oney over the commentary table, into the steps and the LED screen. The crowd is dead silent while Daivari hits the Hammerlock Lariat on the entrance ramp.

And I’m Like… It’s wild that the once “undefeated in 2019” Ariya Daivari, can’t even beat a man whose arms don’t work. Like Lorcan can’t even use both of his arms and Daivari is still cheating and using weapons. This feud is building to a street fight I am sure. I guess we have come down from the high that was last week.

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