MLW Fusion Recap Episode 62 presented by Salina de la Renta: Flamita vs. Horus, Callihan vs. Warner

Last week on MLW Fusion: Ariya Blake returned to MLW as a valet for The Dynasty. Richard Holliday squared off against Kotto Brazil, who now only uses the eye patch for entrances. Ace Austin appears to have turned heel in his loss to Air Wolf, based on how he wrestled the match. Low Ki and Salina have parted ways and Low Ki seems to be going the babyface route. Davey Boy Smith Jr. gained a pinfall victory over MJF in the main event. Contra Unit beat up a bunch of the roster and left them bloody.

Cold Open

Salina De La Renta welcomes us to the show, her show, because she is the producer tonight. She is on a velvet couch with a bottle of champagne. She makes fun of Low Ki. Then Jimmy Havoc meets Mancer and Sami Callihan at the front of the building, saying they are not welcomed into the building even though they are the main event tonight.

Rey Horus vs. Flamita

  • This match is super lucha. Like they start off going balls to the wall and the first sequence ends with the MLW faithful chanting “Lucha Libre”.
  • Most lucha matches are just impressive moves and nearfalls and flips. It’s entertaining to watch but not much to write about unless I’m just calling moves.
  • Flamita seems to be someone who will appear on MLW more and more, according to the commentary team.
  • After Flamita hurts his back, a strike battle breaks out, but that slowed the pace just so these men could catch their breath. The wrestling picks back up and these dudes are laying it all out there.
  • There is a dangerous battle on the top rope that almost ends with Hours landed directly on his head.
  • There is a spear into a Spanish fly, into a satellite DDT, into another Spanish fly, into another satellite DDT. That only got a two count. Jim Cornette is amazed at the athleticism.
  • Flamita is finally able to win after a 450 splash after 15 minutes of wrestling.

And I’m Like… Flamita’s theme song is Firestarter by Prodigy. That’s pretty dope. This match was a very good lucha match. Lots of intensity and flippy dos. I get more invested in stories in matches, or some thread to follow. It’s hard for me to gain anything out of a lucha match outside of entertainment. Which isn’t bad as a viewer but it’s harder as a recapper.

A recap of Contra Unit taking out Tom Lawlor. Tom has a cut haircut and is sick of being attacked. He has brought in two men to help him wrestle Contra Unit. Marshall and Ross Von Erich are here to help Tom fight.

Ricky Martinez w/ Salina De La Renta vs. Low Ki

  • The reason Low Ki and Salina broke up their business relations is because Low Ki’s contract was up and he didn’t want to resign with Salina because he feels like he isn’t a priority. Then Ricky and Salina bailed on Low Ki when Contra attacked.
  • Salina says tonight is a demonstration of what happens when you cross her.
  • Ricky Martinez has barely won matches on MLW, so this is just the beginning for Low Ki’s climb through the ranks of Salina’s stable to “win the feud”.
  • Salina is able to distract Low Ki early on and that tuns the tide of the match. Ricky hurts Low Ki, but takes a lot of time in between his moves, which only helps Ki to recover.
  • Ricky is doing Low Ki’s taunts in the ring while Ki writhes in pain.
  • Of course Low Ki is able to fight back and land a few kicks to Ricky. It’s weird because Low Ki does a good job selling, but his matches are so “methodical” that it’s hard for the crowd to get excited in his matches.
  • Cornette says MLW is the land of misfit toys because they have Low Ki, Teddy Hart and soon Austin Aries. People that are known to be trouble in the locker room and are kind of “blacklisted” from all major promotions.
  • Low Ki runs at Ricky and hits him with a forearm. Knocking Martinez out, so the referee called the match.

And I’m Like… I am someone that doesn’t get Low Ki. I don’t understand his character, which is “professional” and “martial artist”, I don’t enjoy his matches and his promo’s crack me up. I think I don’t enjoy wrestlers that take themselves too seriously and Low Ki takes himself THE MOST seriously. If you dig what he does, you’d like this.

Mancer and Sami do the Mega Powers handshake after spitting loogies into their hands. They are preparing for their match tonight, loser leaves the company.

LA Park gets a vignette about how he is the enforcer and hardcore destroyer in Salina De La Renta’s faction.

Salina is backstage yelling at Ricky about losing his match. Ricky looks defeated and embarrassed. Salina is saying fuck and it’s not getting bleeped out. It’s surprising to hear, but it’s YouTube so it’s not out of the ordinary.

MJF and Ariya Blake are back to being in a relationship and her being gone isn’t addressed. As they talk like the bunch of assholes they are, the Contra Unit signa shows up. They still talk shit about Hart Foundation. Hammerstone seems to think he is above The Dynasty and you can sense that this group won’t last much longer.

Loser Leaves MLW Match

Mance Warner vs. Sami Callihan

  • Sami says the spitting on Cornette is because of Sonny Kiss. Sami thinks Cornette is legit a piece of trash human being. It appears that MLW stands with Corny over their wrestlers. As you can see Sami has been retweeting comments about that incident. Sami and Austin Aries also don’t like each other and Aries is on his way into MLW.
  • Sami has been a voice of independent wrestling for a while now. He seems to stand up for most wrestlers and call out injustices or when people are being dicks. It appears that MLW has decided where they stand. Sami has been on their team for longer than most on the roster and seems to be easily dispatched by the MLW brass. Kind of upsetting from a non kayfabe perspective.
  • Mancer ad Sami start fighting by the merch table, then Sami brainbusts Mancer on the bleachers.
  • Jim Cornette will not shut up about how shitty Sami is, how he should be sued. Jim is so mad he has water on him, he can’t hold back his true emotions. I miss Tony Schiavone.
  • These dudes are brawling all over the arena and the crowd seems very happy.
  • Both men grab plastic cutlery and go at each other’s heads. Mancer grabs Tobassco sauce and the crowd is loving this shit. Mancer dumps it down Sami’s face and Callihan spits it back in Mancers face. Cornette says “shove it down his throat and make him like it baby”. Which is way more sexual than it needs to be.
  • They finally made it into the ring. Mancer has a trash can over his head and Sami hits him with a chair. The crowd is on their feet and chanting “Sami”.
  • Cornette IS STILL COMPLAINING ABOUT BEING WET. He got a sip of water spit on him and it’s so grating how much this bothered him. It’s so crazy that the fans are loving this match and cheering for Callihan, and Jim Cornette is going overboard about how shitty Callihan is. It’s such a juxtaposition. The people paying to be there are loving this and the guy being paid to put the product over is shitting all over the product. I don’t get MLW sometimes.
  • Sami busts out a staple gun and staples dollar bills to Mancer. Mance is bleeding all over the ring.
  • A door gets brought into the match and is laid across two chairs fora makeshift table.
  • The crowd is loving this but Cornette has reached Matt Striker levels of annoying that I have to mute the damn show to actually enjoy it. It was fine when Striker was on there because he was only on when Tony couldn’t be. Now that both of them are gone and it’s a forever team of Rich (the good commentator) and Jim Cornette, I might have to watch this show on mute from here on out.
  • Sami piledrives Mancer through the door for a near fall. So Callihan has to bring in another door. This match has been all Callihan the whole time. Mancer is just struggling to survive.
  • He does survive though and spears Sami through the door.
  • Classic deathmatch spot happens where both men sit in chairs and just punch each other in the face. Sami ends up spitting a goober on Mancer’s face. It is DISGUSTING, the spit just hanging there. It’s funny that I can watch all sorts of brutality and maiming and blood and be fine, but the second there is spit on a face, I start freaking out and gagging.
  • Sami is able to fight off Mancer and hit a tombstone on the chair. Mancer will not die though. The crowd is chanting “This is Awesome” I can tell even though its on mute because the camera zoomed in on the crowd.
  • Sami staples Maners tongue to a door and Mancer has to pull the door off of his tongue. IT’S WILD. That sets Mancer off and he beats Sami to shit with the door. Kneepad up, kneepad down, running knee. Sami kicks out.
  • So Mancer beats Sami more with the door and hits another running knee. That finally does Callihan off.

And I’m Like… What a fun match. The crowd loved it, they look so happy right now. It’s sad that Sami has to go, but I’m glad he went out in his type of match. Standing up for Sonny Kiss, spitting on Cornette and giving him the finger. It was enough to push Cornette over the edge, which pushed me over the edge and made me mute the show. Thanks for the memories Sami. Mancer is always good and I’m looking forward to see where he goes story wise. I just can’t promise the volume will be on.

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